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A restaurant brochure is more than just a piece of paper with menus and specials on it. It’s a showcase for your cuisine, brand, and superior quality. You can use it to persuade hungry customers to come to your restaurant for lunch or dinner. Your customers will start salivating just thinking about victuals if you have a well-designed brochure.

Food brochures made with an online brochure creator, for example, can highlight new delicious treats offered by your company, provide information about a healthy diet or the benefits of veganism, present nutritional statistics for a specific dish, highlight culinary events, or present your restaurant’s menu. Brochures can be distributed in your restaurant, distributed for free on the street like flyers, or presented at trade shows and events.

In this article, we’ll present some of the best brochure templates and guide you through the process of creating and customizing the ideal brochure for your food or restaurant business! Our collection of brochure template examples will assist you in creating an outstanding print or online brochure!

What exactly is a brochure template?

A brochure template is a pre-designed document for marketing or information. It is a method of standardizing content and design to improve usability and efficiency.

Where should the distribution take place?

It can handle at a trade show, mailed, or even used as an online advertising platform.

How do you create a food brochure?

A food brochure can use to introduce your restaurant to potential customers, detail menu items, or entice consumers to follow a specific diet. You can use a tri-fold brochure template or a bi-fold brochure template; each has advantages and disadvantages, and they’re both simple to print.

However, when creating a brochure, keep in mind that you must include clear and interesting information as well as personalize your brochure template with personalized content.

Food brochure design – a few tips

What information should a food brochure contain? First and foremost, you should concentrate on your branding and logo. You must advertise your restaurant in your brochure, so emphasize your identity by including your logo on each page of the brochure template.

Include the best images of your products and services, as well as a photograph of your dishes or chef at work. Again, make certain that they are of high quality. Your restaurant’s visual presentation must be stunning.

You must show others what type of cuisine you serve and what dishes you specialize in the copy text inside your brochure template. Describe your great employees’ experience and skills – can they make Italian or New York-style pizza?

Remember to include your contact information and hours of operation in the brochure template, as well as your address, online website, or social media account. Make it a point to emphasize whether you provide a delivery service or have a children’s corner – such details are important to almost every customer.

Food brochure content – what to include?

Begin by creating an intriguing title that will entice readers to open the food brochure. Highlight the most important aspect of your dishes in the headline: flavor, exoticism, and versatility. The most effective title is a memorable phrase that will be frequently quoted – try to summarise your restaurant and business in a single line!

Explain why people should buy your food or service inside the brochure. Include customer testimonials from people who have already tried your food. Include illustrations, but don’t overcrowd the interior of your brochure template.

Almost every tri-fold brochure template has three complete panels. Use them wisely – include food facts and nutritional values in your content, and perhaps a recipe if you sell ingredients. It will undoubtedly be memorable.

Include your contact information as well as a “call to action” at the end of your brochure. You can also invite readers to sign up for your vegan recipe newsletter or offer them a 10% discount on your catering services.

Food brochure template gallery

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Chocolate Food brochure template

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 Food brochure template

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 brochure template for food business

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food Brochure

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food Template


A brochure template is important for any business that has a product that they want to sell. This type of template is also helpful for personal use. Brochure templates are important to have on hand. These handy, printable templates are available in various sizes, colors, and themes. With a wide range of designs, you can create an impressive-looking brochure in minutes with these templates. 

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