Shapewear is a well-loved clothing item that provides an elegant, smooth shape underneath any outfit you’re wearing. A lot of people view it as an essential wardrobe item for people who want to appear at their best and feel comfortable in snug-fitting clothing.

There’s a chance that you won’t be wearing many clothes that are shaped for your pregnancy (let’s admit it, your clothing is getting more and more tight). However, you might still be in the mood to wear the clothes you love to hug (we are awestruck by the babies’ bumps).

It’s not recommended to wear a shapewear piece when you’re pregnant.

Is it appropriate to wear Spanx during pregnancy?

The Big Question: Is It Safe to Wear Shapewear During Pregnancy?

Is it dangerous for pregnant women to wear clothing or other items that are tight enough to shape their bodies?The author, Sherry Ross, MD, OBGYN, is a health expert and writer of She-ology: The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. The author of the book Ross says “As long as you are wearing maternity shapewear safely and comfortably, meaning you can move, breathe and sleep without restrictions or pain, then there should not be any problems.”

Shapewear for women and normal clothing do not have the same characteristics. Maternity shapewear is specifically designed for pregnant women and is made of materials that make it much more comfortable than normal clothing. It won’t restrict the amniotic fluid or other cushions that protect your baby inside the womb.

Avoid clothes that are considered to be high-compression. This may have been fine before pregnancy; however, as your body’s shape changes through pregnancy and you put on more weight, clothes that are high-compression, such as traditional clothing, will make you feel uncomfortable.

Some Very Good Reasons to Wear Maternity Shapewear

There are a number of positive reasons to consider prenatal or postpartum maternity shapewear.

Advantage 1: Improved Posture and Back Support

Lucky Sekhon, MD, a Board-certified OBGYN and fertility specialist, advises that wearing pregnancy clothing is more than just a fashion statement: “Maternity shapewear can help improve posture and take weight off of your back as your pregnancy bump grows.”It can also be more comfortable than your regular underwear or tights, which are prone to slipping and bunching.

Advantage 2: A Postpartum Solution

Additionally, if you’re recovering from a C-section, abdominal muscle strain from laughing, coughing, and sneezing, as well as lifting or rising from lying down, can cause pain.Postpartum clothes with a wide waist can support sore areas to ensure that everything remains in place and you are able to continue your daily activities with ease.

Advantage 3: Prevents painful skin chafing

“Skin is our largest organ—adults carry some 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and 22 square feet (2 square meters) of it,” according to National Geographic. This shield of protection can be a breeding place for bacteria. Moisture, sweat, and heat, as well as friction caused by skin touching (like on your legs), could create an unforgiving storm.

If you’ve never had a chafing rash, consider yourself lucky. During pregnancy, many women experience chafing in their thighs.Chafing and extreme pain can also occur in the groyne area.Both areas are hot and itchy, accompanied by burning and stinging sensations.

Maternity Thigh Saver Shapewear in Black Bamboo

Prevention is the best medicine.

Get rid of burning thigh pain in the inner thigh and painful thigh blisters by wearing our Bamboo Seamless, No Rub Thigh Saver women’s leggings to wear during pregnancy and postpartum.

The very gentle compression can be very comfortable, and we like combing these with the Gwen Ribbed Bamboo Maternity Midi Dress. They’re also fantastic for “bike shorts” for extra protection under sheer clothing or dresses that are shorter, like the Eleanora Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Lounge Dress.

Is it okay to wear spanx during pregnancy?

Tips for Wearing Shapewear During Pregnancy

If you’re planning to wear regular or traditional clothing while pregnant, you must take note of potential dangers.

“No pregnancy or postpartum shapewear clothing should overly compress and squeeze internal organs, including the ribs, abdominal muscles, liver, spleen, and intestines.” “Shapewear worn during pregnancy that fits too tight or puts unwanted pressure on different areas of the body is never a good idea,” according to Dr. Ross. “Besides creating a lot of discomfort, it can also cause pain in different parts of the body, reduced blood circulation, heartburn, and yeast infections,” she declares.

Can You Wear a Waist Trainer While Pregnant?

According to Dr. Ross, it is one of the most feared form-fitting garments for pregnant women.

The use of a waist-training device is not a good idea when pregnant.

The design of waist trainers is to squeeze internal organs like the liver, spleen, abdominal muscles, intestines, and ribs. If you tighten them too much, the ribs may break and your lungs won’t be able to expand. Your breathing will become restricted, and you run the risk of sustaining other injuries.

Shapewear doesn’t make you beautiful.

You’re beautiful. Not pregnant, but pregnant nonetheless, with bumps, lumps, pooches, and baby bumps.You also have flat stomachs, baby weight abs, and everything in between.You’re perfect. as you are. There’s no need to wear a shapewear item to look beautiful because you already are!

However, some people like the shaping, compression, and coverage that shapewear provides. Many prefer their clothing to fit better and be less noticeable. Others, such as medical professionals who advocate maternity clothing, will appreciate the way it protects the body during pregnancy as the baby develops.

Based on Dr. Sekhon, “As long as you aren’t wearing the type that constricts at the tummy, it is completely safe and likely to be very comfortable to wear maternity shapewear.”

It is not medical advice. You can contact your health care professional for any concerns.

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