Ashir is an artist working as a Singer and composer since 2014. Ashir is producing his own original Songs and releasing with different music companies.

Ashir produced many songs as a Singer and composer such as Bechain hu the romantic one. Dilruba hai tu hi in 2014 romantic single and so many. Ashir also produced and composed songs for different countries music artists such as Amir abo Romanian and from other countries artists.

From the last few years Ashir didn’t work with any music company and also didn’t release his latest music. During this time many articles published about Ashir fight or problems with Indian music companies from the last few years. Ashir had done one song called Kaise bhula dun in 2019 and gave it to the music company saga music. Ashir told that he gave rights to company without getting any benefits but Ashir demands to company that they will produce video of his audio song and promote in market, Ashir shared with us that music companies like his song and said yes to him that they will produce his song and promote but after signing the contract they did not produce any video and even did not promote his song. Ashir told us that they just took my song rights and ignored the deal that we talked about before and did fraud with me.

Ashir singer Girlfriend:

As Ashir is popular for his some Romantic and sad songs and definitely many wanted to become his Girlfriend and wanted to marry her but right now any right information didn’t live and Ashir also didn’t share anything about this.