Interface, illustration, and digital product branding design make up the bulk of our design case studies. This isn’t like that; instead, we’re dealing with a real-life product whose branding is all about making people laugh and have fun. Come take a look at the design process that went into creating the Dicey logo and mascot for the entertaining party game by Tubik designer Marina Solomennikova.

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Adults can enjoy a wildly unpredictable and upbeat party game called Dicey. As is so often the case, the creators made something for themselves and then shared it with the world. In this case, it was because they were tired of playing the same old drinking games and wanted to make something new, something that everyone could enjoy. Group Play, Face Off, Wild Card, and Rules were the four card categories that they settled on for their basic concept. Minigames that promote creativity and group interaction are included in each category. Therefore, adults who are of legal drinking age are the intended players of the game. The objective, for teams of four or more, was to forge bonds of friendship via an original form of social gaming.

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The designer’s job was to come up with a logo and a whimsical character that would be eye-catching, unique, and convey the desired mood and atmosphere. The fact that they wanted to base the brand strategy on an illustrated character was actually a major factor in why the clients contacted our team. “The character should be reflective of the game itself—playful, mischievous, and a little bit goofy,” they indicated briefly. Our social media accounts and branded merchandise should feature the character often. So, right from the beginning, the designer had to bear in mind that the final images would be utilized for both digital and print purposes.

The brand’s objectives were well-served by the concept of a mascot. According to successful companies’ business practices, a well-designed mascot can be even more effective than having a famous person endorse the product. Mascots can communicate through a wide variety of visuals, showcase any style necessary for product positioning, and reflect any character trait. The scope of personification is expanded by them. Designers and marketers can bring fantastical characters to life or come up with unique and eye-catching looks with mascots.

We should verify our findings.

Logo and mascot character design were not treated as distinct components of this project’s creative process. The designers sought the interplay and composition of both from the very beginning, when they were just sketching with pencil. You can see the illustrator’s rough draughts of the current stage of the creative process down below. In this one, the artist is presenting potential character styles and wordmark styles.


Upon finalizing the concept, the designer proceeded to digitize the mascot illustrations for use in the play cards and instructional cards. Presented here are two alternative typographic approaches to the design of playing cards. Plus, the names of the cards are in title case in one version and all caps in the other. In any case, I find both fonts to be amusing and humorous. The cards demonstrate the mascot’s adaptability in conveying different emotions, situations, and messages to the player.