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6 Reasons You Should Be Planning Events as a Team

Whether you are planning charity shows, exhibitions, festivals, Annual dinners, product launching events, or conferences, you cannot manage all the events’ operations alone. It would be best if you had the guidance and support to accomplish the goals and purpose of the event. A well-formed functional team is essential for the success of big event...

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Maximizing Engagement in Live Webinars

What Is The Importance Of Audience Engagement In Webinars  Audience engagement is crucial in webinars as it helps to maintain the attention and interest of participants, and can also provide valuable feedback and insights for the presenter. By actively involving the audience, the webinar becomes a two-way communication experience rather than a one-way lecture. This...

Online Event Platform

Best Ideas for Online Events in 2023

Organizations and businesses experienced the advantages of online events when several restrictions were imposed on us and physical events came to a halt. Though physical events didn’t leave the event grounds, virtual events gained popularity and created their own space in the event industry.  Though almost everyone was a bit skeptical in the beginning about...