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Housing Disrepair Claims: Seeking Justice for Neglected Homes

Housing is a fundamental human right; tenants expect their rented homes to be safe, secure, and well-maintained. However, in some cases, individuals live in properties plagued by various issues, ranging from dampness and mold to structural defects. When faced with such housing disrepair claims tenants have legal rights that can help them seek redress and...

Housing Disrepair Claim

Identification of Housing Disrepair Claim Issue in Your Home 

As a landlord, tenant or homeowner, it is important to know the potential housing disrepair claims. Read this blog post to identify different types of disrepair issues. We have also given some tips to identify issues in your home that can cause such a claim. Moreover, by addressing these issues, you can protect yourself from...

housing disrepair claims

Housing Disrepair Claims in the UK

There are many reasons why a home or other property in the UK may be in need of repairs. For example, there are common causes of accidental fires in homes. And, it is possible to file a housing disrepair claim. Damage to property If you have suffered damage to your property, you can make a...