THCP is more powerful than delta 9 THC and approximately 33 times stronger than traditional delta 8. This variant boasts an extended alkyl side chain which increases binding affinity with CB1 receptors, making THCP one of the strongest strains available today.

As it’s relatively new, thcp flower still raises many questions regarding its legality and effects. Here, learn about its creation process as well as potential side effects that you should expect when taking it.


Uplift CBD

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Tetrahydrocannaphorol (THCP), was recently identified by Italian researchers while conducting extensive analysis on cannabis samples. Like THC, THCP interacts with the human endocannabinoid system; however it has longer side chains that could enable more intense binding to CB 1 receptors.

THCP can currently be found in an assortment of products, such as pre-rolled joints and gummies, which can be found online retailers as well as certain head shops. In addition, disposable vape carts and pen devices as well as tinctures for oral use and waxy concentrates for dabbing can all offer access to this strain of cannabis.

THCP has shown promise as an analgesic for pain relief and anxiety relief, alleviating nausea, and helping with appetite loss. However, users should keep in mind that THCP may be more psychoactive than THC; therefore it’s recommended to start off slowly when increasing dosage levels.

Uplift THCP Distillate

Uplift THCP Distillate is a cannabis product with high concentrations of the newly discovered cannabinoid, THCP. Like THC, THCP can produce psychoactive effects similar to THC; however, its usage should be taken with extreme caution; misusing this cannabinoid may result in harmful side effects if done incorrectly and it should always be discussed with medical professionals prior to trying this product.

The distillate can be taken either orally or added to a vaporizer and has a tropical aroma with notes of lemonade and green herb flavors, providing a potency and long-acting effect that lasts an hour or more. Created around 2019, THCP has proven beneficial in terms of pain relief, anti-anxiety benefits and appetite stimulation as well as helping alleviate insomnia and improve mood.

THCP works similarly to delta 9 THC by stimulating the endocannabinoid system; however, due to its longer alkyl chain and stronger binding affinity with receptors in the ECS, it may be more psychoactive than its counterpart and produce more of an “high” feeling. Although naturally present in most marijuana strains in small amounts, CO2 extraction or other methods can extract and convert this compound into a concentrate form for more potency.

THCP distillate is combined with high-grade cannabis flower to form the final product, an infusion that can be enjoyed both smoked or vaped for its psychoactive effects.


THCP Flower Spray

THCP is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is well known to produce intense highs. While naturally found in cannabis plants, laboratory production has made THCP 33 times more potent than THC; further research needs to be conducted as to its effects and benefits; some users have reported relief of chronic pain and anxiety symptoms from its usage.

Research into THCP may prove invaluable for medical patients. It could provide therapeutic potential by alleviating sleep issues and mood disorders like depression. Furthermore, THCP could increase energy levels. Other reported benefits of THCP may also include relieving severe pain and inflammation.

You can purchase THCP products online through various retailers, ranging from vaporizer carts and disposable vapes, tinctures for oral use, gummies, waxy concentrates for dabbing and hemp flower products infused with THCP that can be smoked using joints, blunts or bongs.

THCP Flower Spray offers an effective and accessible way to experience the potential effects of cannabidiol (THC). Crafted using premium-grade ingredients and extracts, this convenient spray can elevate euphoria in an enjoyable manner. Available flavors include Apple Fritter, Green Goblin Grape Zkittlez Monster Cookies.

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THCp flower can be consumed using various techniques, from vaping and edibles, to traditional pipes and bongs, vape pens and vaping pens; to taking orally through edible forms like tinctures or capsules. However, please remember that THCp is an extremely potency cannabinoid that should only be used responsibly and always buy your THC flower from reliable retailers like iFeelz.