Linksys Velop mesh systems are known to convert internet dead zones of the house into fun zones and facilitate the user with a super-fast internet connection. But, this internet experience can be at a halt if the Linksys Velop keeps shutting off. This can also result in Linksys node not connecting issuethat will leave you with no option other than performing a factory default reset of the mesh system and setting up Linksys primary node as the secondary node and vice-versa. Before that happens, you are suggested to give a shot at the techniques mentioned in this write-up.

Reasons: Linksys Velop Keeps Shutting Off

The most common reason behind random shut offs of your Linksys Velop is the supply of improper power. Therefore, what we suggest you do is have a look at the respective power sockets of your Linksys Velop nodes. Are all of them in a working state? Just in case if any of them is found damaged, you are suggested to connect your Linksys node to another wall outlet.

Now, check whether your Velop node keeps shutting off or not. If not, then there are chances that technical glitches have affected your Velop’s ability to work well. Therefore, you are suggested to get them fixed. Simply, power down the Velop node and wait for a few moments. After that, connect your respective Velop node back to its respective outlet and power it up once again. Do you notice any change in the behavior of Linksys node? If not, then it is suggested that you take the aid of the troubleshooting techniques highlighted ahead.

Solved: Linksys Velop Keeps Shutting Off

  • Update the Velop Firmware

Out of the number of reasons causing the problem, the outdated firmware is one of the common ones. There are chances that the firmware of the Velop nodes that keeps shutting off has become outdated. Thus, you are advised to have a look at the firmware version on which your node is operating. Just in case it seems outdated, you are suggested to upgrade the node as soon as possible. The node can be updated by accessing the Linksys Velop login portal. Simply, access the login URL on a device connected to the Velop node, and complete the login process. Once done, check if the node needs an update. If yes, do not wait to do the honors. And yes, be very sure not to upgrade all the Linksys nodes at once. This can increase the problem instead of resolving it.

  • Check the Node’s Location

Are you sure that your Linksys Velop node is placed in an interference-free area? If yes, then you need to ensure its distance from another node. Sometimes, improper distance between nodes is the reason why they keep shutting off. To make things possible, we suggest you decrease that distance. Try to keep the value between 8ft to 10ft. But make sure that you do not make this value zero. Otherwise, the signals emitted by both nodes will get involved in a clash and you will remain empty handed. And yes, how can we forget the WiFi interference thing. Just make sure that your Linksys nodes are not placed near devices emitting electromagnetic radiations, objects containing a large amount of water, objects made of metal, and lustrous surfaces. The placement of the node away from masonry constructions is also recommended.

The Final Words

Now that we have reached the end of the write-up explaining what to do if the Linksys Velop keeps shutting off, we are expecting that you have troubleshot the problem. Just in case nothing has worked, it is time to pull of the ultimate card of performing a factory default reset of the Velop node. You might need to reset all nodes and set them up once again.