Rose is one of the highly cultivated flowers in India, and a lot of varieties of roses can be found. The fascinating scents and charming petals are attached to each rose variety. These flowers have been appreciated and loved by the entire nation. Some of the famous varieties are Arka Sinchana, Arka Kinnari, and Arka Sharmeeli. India recognizes flowers as an important aspect of its floriculture industry. They are undying symbols of love and beauty. 

As their mesmerizing scents and delicate petals are the ones that make a special place in our hearts, people from all over the country adore them. In this article, readers are invited to enter the fascinating world of different varieties of roses that exist in India. 

Admiring the uniqueness of each, they discover the individual characteristics that make each of them the true botanical masterpiece. Additionally, Eicher Tractor plays a crucial role in India’s agricultural landscape, supporting farmers with reliable and efficient machinery to enhance productivity and sustainability.

Rose Varieties in India

India has one of the largest collections of Rose varieties, most of which belong to categories of Hybrid Tea and Floribunda varieties. Well-known varieties are Arka Sinchana, Arka Kinnari, and Arka Sharmeeli, among others, for the Indian labeled “Arka.”

Arka Sinchana

Arka Sinchana belongs to the Floribunda rose family with a red color visible and bunching formation. The youthful green leaves start with a bronzy tint and later on ripen into a dark green shade. 

Each of these wee flowers is around 5.4 cm and carries a lot of petals ranging from 40 to 45 per flower. Typically, every plant produces an overwhelming number of 1250-1500 flowers per year.

Arka Kinnari

Arka Kinnari is a plant-and-flower hybrid T rose that blooms and flowers all the time, making it perfect for garden decoration. The flowers show a beautiful bicolor, which is scarlet red until it transitions to oriented pink.

In a most endearing manner, the flower allows its high-centered buds to unfold slowly, increasing its beauty. Identifiable by its long stalks crown with bunches of flowers, Arka Kinnari depicts a dark green glossy foliage.

Each plant produces 400 to 450 impressive flowers per year. These giant flowers have an average diameter of 10-11 cm, and they hold 35-40 petals. The inner aspect of the petals displays a red color, whereas the outer side reveals a red-purple shade. The basal spot bears a yellow color.

Arka Sharmeeli

Arka Sharmeeli is a permanent hybrid T rose, which is considered one of the best for garden shows. The flower’s color goes through an appealing alteration, becoming from light pink to various shades of red as it advances from a bud to different stages of blooming. These flowers are put in bunches of 2-3 at the end of long strips.

Per annum, each plant yields a remarkable 450-500 flowers, on average. The flowers are of medium size, roughly 7-8 cm in diameter per flower, with 30-35 petals. The petals first show a red color, which then deepens to become darker within the red spectrum.

Arka Sukanya

Arka Sokanya is an aromatic flower and also highly floriferous. They are so nice to display in a garden. They are mainly utilized for the extraction of air and air-based therapy. This rose variety is known for its oversized, velvety petals that reveal a harmony of colors, varying from deep apricot to warm yellow.

Arka Savi

These rose species are mainly cultivated under the open sky, and they are also differentiated to give loose flowers. It is a spray rose and belongs to the group of floribundas. The flowers exhibit a mesmerizing violet-pink color, and they are gathered together in puffs.

It is the ‘ArkaSavi,’ which is famous for its heavy blooming and high yield, that is expected to produce 30 tons of flowers per acre yearly. This product not only produces high yields but is also characterized by a prolonged shelf life, up to 5 to 6 days.

Arka Ivory

Arka Ivory, in the array of varied roses found in India, is a lily-white and flaming beauty. Indeed, this variety of roses is true to its name since it reveals petals in ivory shades, creating an atmosphere of purity and calmness. 

The Indian rose flower, Arka Ivory, is widely used in wedding events and other special places to symbolize a new beginning and purity. These rose varieties are mite-resistant and have strong stems. They are picked for protected culture for cut flower production.

Arka Pride

Arka Pride, a formidable rose variety among the multitude of Indian roses, is the embodiment of strength and resilience. This rose cultivar is known for its bright orange hues. Indian rose, Arka Pride, is a prized plant due to its adaptability to different weather conditions, making it a perfect and tough option for home gardeners in India.

Red Parimala

Arka Parimala, with its melodious name and alluring fragrance of various types of roses India holds, stands as a perfect example of rose intoxication. This rose breed is celebrated for its amazing scent, which is as if the air is filled with a sweet and intoxicating perfume.

Such rose varieties of India are very popular in the industries of essential oils and perfumes and hence contribute a touch of their country’s abundant natural wealth to the world of fragrances. The yield can vary between 550,000 and 600,000 flower cuts per acre.

Arka Swadesh

It is Arka Swadesh that shines as a very special and patriotic blossom. This rose variety opens up in a lucid blend of tricolor colors, signifying the colors of the Indian flag. Arka Swadesh stands for national pride and unity, hence making it a preferred theme of public spaces and activities. 

It produces 145 flower stalks per square meter every year (with high productivity). This is also suitable for cut flower production and is practiced under polyhouse farming. It has long stalk flowers, and the stem lengths are 65 – 70 cm on average.


From the grace of Arka Sinchana to the sensuality of Arka Parimala, different types of roses in India impart different meanings of toughness, grace, and cultural connotations. The rose, as a flower from India, carries on mesmerizing the hearts of the people and their garden through its generations of colors and varieties, as it still brings timeless joy. 

Through the roses of India, we celebrate the diversity of its flora and acknowledge the role that plants play in our culture. In a parallel vein, for those tending to their gardens with the assistance of reliable machinery. The Mahindra mini tractor price adds an essential aspect, making modern agricultural equipment accessible and contributing to the flourishing landscape.