Everything You Need To Know About Shopify Walmart

Shopify Walmart integration is considered a feature to sell the products directly on the online marketplace at Walmart. It connects both platforms and lets merchants sync product listings, inventory, and orders between Shopify and Walmart. The integration simplifies the selling process when they automate tasks like product updates and order fulfillment. Merchants can easily manage the listings directly from the Shopify dashboard, which makes it convenient and efficient.

The integration process allows sellers to explore the large customer base of Walmart and increase the potential reach and sales opportunities for the merchants.

Is it easy to set up Shopify Walmart integration?

The process to set up a Shopify Walmart integration is easy. Shopify has built-in integration with Walmart, which makes the process simple. You must install the Walmart marketplace app from the Shopify app store and follow the detailed instructions. Walmart sets up certain eligibility requirements. The sellers must have a professional seller account and meet the product listing standards.

Can I sell any product on Walmart through Shopify?

There are several limitations on the product types. Walmart has specific guidelines and categories for products sold in its marketplace. You need to review the guidelines and ensure the products match the requirements.

Shopify also offers various product categories eligible for selling on Walmart, like electronics, home goods, clothing, and other items.

EBay selling software is an important tool used to sell products on eBay. The software manages your listings, tracks sales, and optimizes the listings for better visibility.

How do the pricing and fees work for selling on Walmart through Shopify?

It is important to consider that Walmart has a referral fee for every item’s sale. The referral fee is the item’s sale price percentage and depends on the category. Shopify also has monthly subscription fees in the form of uses and features.

EBay selling software has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easily navigated and usable. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Can I manage inventory and orders seamlessly between Shopify and Walmart?

You can manage the inventory and orders between Shopify and Walmart. Shopify offers a built-in integration with the Walmart marketplace, which allows the business to sync the inventory and update the stock levels on both platforms. You need to ensure the products are managed properly and avoid overselling. Moreover, the orders placed on Walmart with Shopify are imported to the Shopify admin, which makes it easier to fulfill and track them.

How does the fulfillment process work for orders on Walmart through Shopify?

The process for orders on Walmart through Shopify is simple. The order is sent to the Shopify admin when a customer orders. They can fulfill the order using the preferred shipping methods.

Shopify comes up with a shipping label for the customer’s shipping address, which is used to ship the order. Shopify updates the order status on Walmart, offering the customers tracking information.


Shopify Walmart is an excellent option for businesses to reach a wide customer base. It is a seamless and profitable integration for the e-commerce business when you have the proper setup and understanding. 

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