Best Android Smart Watch for Men

One of the biggest advancements of the modern age of smart technology is the invention of the smart watch. This new piece of smart tech creates added convenience on top of the convenience that having a phone in your pocket provides. The majority of people are looking for the best Android Smart Watch for Men as opposed to other options, as AndroidAndroid is the dominant OS in the country.

People have different needs when it comes to a smart watch; some people are looking for an affordable watch, and some are for a more high-spec watch. Some are looking for a more fitness-focused option, while others are looking for one with a more productive focus.

So in this article, we will tell you about some of the best smart watch options for men right now.

Android Smart Watch for Men Price

In this article, we will be giving a more diverse range of price options for an android smart watch for men. The reason for this is that not everyone has a ton of money to spend on something that is still considered by most people to be an indulgence and not a necessity, so a lot of people are looking for cheap smart watches for men. We will try to cater to most people.

So here are our best options:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

What better place to start off with on a list of the best Android smart watch for men than the company that is more or less considered to be the leader in the Android space. Samsung is known for having the best quality products out of all of its competitors, and this also rings true for its line of smart watches.

One of Samsung’s new smart watches for men is the Galaxy Watch 6. The majority of watches in this list will follow the circular design philosophy that is a feature exclusive to Android watches, but Samsung does it better than most. The body is stainless steel, which means it will have good durability and scratch resistance.

The screen is a super AMOLED display with latest technology that looks great in most environments and has a high refresh rate, which means the usage experience is actually very good. The watch comes with multiple options for straps, including leather and silicon, and an easy swapping functionality has been added to this version to make it easier to swap them around than ever before.

As for features, the sleep tracking has been upgraded slightly so that now you see your sleep metrics, including coaching and scores, on the watch directly as opposed to having to use the app on your phone. The same goes for things like skin temperature and blood oxygen levels, but those are just raw readings rather than analyzed data.

The watch does have the quirk of its best functionality, only really unlocking if you pair it with a Samsung phone. So, if you do not have a Samsung phone and do not intend on buying one in the near future, the watch features might be limited for you.

Google Pixel Watch

The second most important watch to mention for the best Android smart watch for men would have to be the one made by Google themselves. As we all know, Google is the owner and developer of the Android platform itself. So, few people will be able to make a better Android-focused device than them.

If there was a category of cool smart watches for men, in our opinion, the Google Pixel Watch would be at the top, mainly for the reason that it is one of the best-looking options available (in our opinion) on the market, Android or otherwise.

The watch also has a chrome crown as well as a single button on the side, both of which more or less blend in with the design of the watch, which made it somewhat harder to get used to in the beginning but became second nature soon enough.

Considering the fact that Fitbit is now owned by Google, the fitness tracking here is great, as you would expect. A swipe left gets you straight to the most important metrics like steps, heart rate, three different exercise options of your choice, and even more data like sleep metrics and weather.

Itel Smart Watch ISW 31

As we stated before, not everyone has the option to spend thousands and thousands of rupees on what is still a more luxurious accessory. So, we will talk about an affordable option for those who still want an Android smart watch for men but do not have a very large budget.

The Itel Smart Watch ISW 31 is the one watch on our list that actually follows the more rectangular design philosophy of the Apple side of watches rather than the round. This kind of design is somewhat common in the budget category of smart watches, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

In terms of features, a unique feature here that is not found commonly in budget watches is that while the majority of budget watches require you to accept an incoming call on your phone, here you can take a call directly on your watch without even having to touch your phone.

The watch also has over 30 different fitness modes, including all the most popular workouts like running and cycling. The watch also has constant heart rate monitoring, which means that all the everyday features are here.


With how popular smart watches have become, there are now many options for smart watches for men in Pakistan. So whether you are looking for a budget option or a flagship, there is something out there for you.