One of India’s most stunning areas, Kashmir is renowned for its lakes, along with mountains, as well as temperate climate. Thousands of tourists travel to Kashmir each year to take in its allure. Although most travellers to Kashmir fly into Srinagar, there is another way to get to Kashmir: driving from Jammu. Jammu is the entry point to Kashmir as well as provides tour packages that transport visitors from Jammu to a number of locations within the region. There are various motives behind people’s consideration of Kashmir tour packages from Jammu.

1.      Scenic drive through the mountains

The breathtaking drive across the majestic Himalayan mountains is one of the main draws of Kashmir tour packages departing from Jammu. The road trip from Jammu to Kashmir offers stunning mountain vistas despite its rough terrain. As drivers cross high mountain passes, they can see how the landscape is changing. Along the Jammu-Srinagar national highway, Patnitop as well as Sinthan Top offer some of the best views. Nature as well as mountain lovers will find the four-hour drive to be a memorable experience in as well as of itself.

2.      Visit multiple destinations

The majority of Jammu to Kashmir tour packages let visitors see several places in one trip. These packages don’t limit travellers to just Srinagar; they also include trips to Gulmarg, Pahalgam, along with Sonamarg, as well as Yusmarg. This offers visitors a chance to take in Kashmir’s varied beauty. Depending on the itinerary, they are allowed to spend one or two days at each location. This guarantees that visitors experience Kashmir’s allure thoroughly rather than merely skimming the surface while in Srinagar.

3.      Cost-effective option

It is less expensive to book Kashmir tour packages from Jammu than to fly into Srinagar directly. Attractive rates are offered for lodging, meals, transportation, as well as a sightseeing schedule in these packages. The road distance is only about 300 km, so the cost of transportation is less than that of flying. There are also no airport or flight taxes. Additionally, packages give you the freedom to take breaks from your travels along with spend the night in Patnitop or Batote without paying extra. This helps families as well as groups travel on a budget during the road trip.

4.      Avoid flight cancellations

Fog as well as bad weather often cause disruptions to flight operations to Srinagar airport in the winter along with summer. This causes last-minute cancellations or leaves travellers stuck at the airport. Road trips, however, are less disrupted because, with the exception of landslides, the national highway is still passable in inclement weather. Choosing Kashmir packages from Jammu guarantees that visitors can change their itinerary without having to worry about their trip being ruined by cancelled flights. In the event of a delayed or cancelled flight, driving remains an option.

5.      Explore Jammu first

The majority of Kashmir tour schedules that begin in Jammu give visitors a day to spend exploring the city. Tourists now have the chance to see well-known sites like the Ranbireshwar Temple, along with Bahu Fort, as well as the Mubarak Mandi Palace complex, among others. Prior to entering the Kashmir valley, it offers an understanding of the customs as well as history of the Jammu region. By including sightseeing in Jammu, the itinerary expands the trip’s scope as well as effectively covers both regions in the allotted time.


Kashmir tour packages provide a practical way to take in the natural splendour as well as allure of Kashmir. These packages offer great value, with activities ranging from seeing several locations in one trip to taking leisurely drives through the mountains. They guarantee financial savings while mitigating the risk of flight cancellations. By including sightseeing in Jammu, the trip offers visitors a more comprehensive understanding of the cultures of Kashmir as well as Jammu. All things considered, many travellers choose Kashmir packages from Jammu because the road trip offers flexibility along with unforgettable experiences.