Nothing is more top-tier on social media than having a blue tick right near your name on the most popular platforms. That blue tick signifies status and authenticity and is a mark of being a notable personality. You’ll often see celebrities, influencers, artists, brands, etc., having this blue tick on these platforms. 

Most individuals and companies strive to get their accounts verified to reach a wider audience. If you’re just joining social media or haven’t been on it for that long, this can become challenging. However, with time and the right efforts, it is achievable, but before that, you need to be familiar with the eligibility criteria for social media verification. 

Let’s dive deeper into that.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Social Media Verification?

Most social media platforms have some sort of verification. For instance, Facebook has a white tick with a blue background as the symbol for verified users. Verification is basically a way through which these platforms can help distinguish public figures or brands from the general public. 

For many platforms, including Wikipedia, notability is crucial. Just like social media platforms, Wikipedia also doesn’t allow individuals to create pages unless they pass the notability test. That explains why people turn to Wikipedia page creators for hire. These Wikipedia page creators for hire then help boost their notability, eventually creating a wiki page for them. 

So, in short, if you aren’t notable on a social media platform, you may not meet the verification criteria. The simplest way to understand if you meet the standards is by knowing what it is. 

Here is a general criterion that most social media platforms follow for verification.

Social Media Verification Criteria

If you are considering submitting a request for verification on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, your account should meet the following criteria:

  • Authentic

A user’s account should represent a real individual, business, or entity. 

  • Unique

The page or account should have a unique presence of the individuals or businesses it’s representing. In simpler words, only one account or page for a person or business can be verified unless they are language-specific pages or accounts. 

  • Notable 

As mentioned, notability is a critical part of the criteria. For social media verification on any platform, the count or page needs to represent a reputable individual, business, brand, etc. Moreover, there should be sufficient articles and publications on these individuals, businesses, or entities for the platform to consider for verification.

  • Complete

Your account or page needs to be active. So, if it’s on Instagram, it needs to have at least a post, a profile photo, bio and should be featured in publications. Similarly, for Facebook, you need to have multiple posts and an updated profile. 

If your page or account meets all of the above criteria, then you can submit a request to get verified and eventually become a verified account owner. 

How to Get Verified on Social Media?

According to research, Facebook and Instagram are one of the most popular social media platforms, and users are constantly aiming to get their pages and accounts verified. So, if you are wondering how to get yours, you’re in the right place.

Since you already have a clear understanding of the criteria for verification, it’s easier to work towards it. Without any further ado, let’s walk you through valuable tips that can speed up the verification process on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

  • Instagram

Instagram dives into details of the authentication process in the help section that users can find in the account settings of the app. According to this platform, a verified badge signifies that it’s an authentic account for celebrities, public figures, or global brands that Instagram confirms.  

Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to get your account verified on Instagram. 

  1. Stay Active

The key to getting verified on Instagram is staying active. Work on building your followers and improving overall engagement with them. Start posting more often and make sure your account or page has a profile photo and bio. 

  1. Acquire Followers on Other Platforms

If Instagram isn’t your cup of tea, use your skills to increase your followers on other platforms first and then eventually ask them to connect with you on Instagram. 

  1. Work on Media Coverage 

Getting featured in articles, blogs, or other major publications can help you drastically to get verified. When you are mentioned on popular accounts on social media, it benefits you. So, work on that.

  1. Leverage SEO

Search engine optimization is an exceptional practice to leverage to improve your reach and increase your following. So, do your research to define a niche. On platforms like Instagram, the viewers don’t want to see generic content. They want to see something different and something more than usual. 

Instead of just showing off your skills or occupation, share more of your personality with the audience while utilizing keywords for optimized content.

  • Facebook

Facebook might own Instagram, but their verification processes are still pretty different. Verification on Facebook offers official pages authority, making it simple to differentiate between authentic pages and fan pages. 

Besides the credibility and standing it brings to your page, Facebook provides verified profiles and pages with a higher ranking in search results. As a result, your page will rise to the top of pertinent searches, expanding your audience.

Follow these tips to get your Facebook profile verified.

  1. Complete Your Profile

By this, we mean your Facebook page or account should have a profile picture, a link to your website, a cover photo, a bio, and anything else that is required to complete your profile. Make sure you have at least a post on your profile. 

  1. Give Facebook a Reason

Why do you want your page to get verified? Do you have a good reason for it? If you don’t have one, it’s time to find one, as this can increase your chances for verification. 

Apart from these two tips, you can also focus on the tips shared for Instagram, as they can have the same impact on Facebook. 

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