Utilizing Custom Bottle Neckers for a Cost-Effective Marketing

Numerous brands around the world try to market their products in the best manner possible. They exhaust several marketing tools to entice customers to their brand. Bottle neckers rank among such marketing tools that enormously help brands in marketing their bottle products.  

Defining Bottle Neckers

A bottle necker is also identified as a neck label or neck hanger and is a sort of product tag that dangles from the neck of bottles. They are generally created from plastic or paper materials and printed with attention-grabbing graphics and branding messages and can be used to promote products in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to food and beverage.

Bottle neckers embrace unique shapes and exhibit high visibility on store shelves as they help draw customers’ attention to products, subsequently increasing brand exposure. One of the key benefits of bottle neckers is that they are among the most efficient marketing tools with long-standing marketing impact and the lowest cost for manufacturing. They prove to be an effective marketing tool for companies looking to increase sales and build a clientele.

Different Functions of Bottle Neckers

The following are some of the major functions for utilizing custom bottle neckers as a marketing tool:

  • Familiarizing customers with new Packaging and helping them through instructions and warnings printed on the neckers.
  • Conveying the message to the first-time consumer that the product is new to their community.
  • Providing customers with information regarding product features including barcodes and QR codes.   
  • Offering a certain extent of versatility.
  • Stimulating personal messages.
  • It has numerous other purposes such as endorsement of time-saving advantages, conveying promotional packages, special offers, limited-time offers, introducing a new product, branding reinforcement, and coupons to augment product sales.

Products Involving the Usage of Bottle Neckers

The following are some of the products utilizing bottle neckers as a cost-effective marketing tool:

  • Juices
  • Energy drinks
  • Tea, coffee
  • Milk bottles
  • Honey containers
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Vitamin or flavored water
  • Oil bottles
  • Sauces and jams
  • Frizzy and soft drinks

Processes for Creating Bottle Neckers

The following are the processes to create customizes bottle neckers as a cost-effective marketing tool:

  • Color Scheme
  • Material
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Finishing
  • Add-ons

In this article, I’ll discuss the first three points in detail!

Color Selection

According to color psychology, colors play a vital role in customer attention and therefore, must be carefully selected for bottleneckers. Bottleneckers are small in size so they require a good proportion of vibrant colors like yellow, orange, white, etc. to catch customers’ attention. However, the remaining part of the bottle necker can be in dark colors comprising promotional messages, discount details, or product information.


Cardboard and Kraft are among the top choices for creating custom bottle necker as they are high-quality materials that play a substantial role in packaging different beverage items for numerous companies.


Bottle neckers require a little touch of elegant designs to enhance the outlook. For imprinting, less or no design works best for custom bottle neckers. However, the outer design including the size, shape, and content plays a major role in creating eye-grabbing custom bottle neckers.  


Content on the bottle neckers must be concise and clear so that customers can quickly understand the text and its purpose. The message should include main product features, special promotions, and discounts running at the time i.e., limited-time offers. Incorporating branding elements such as graphics or logos can further help in identifying the product sponsors which adds credibility to the brand’s value.


The shape of bottle neckers can help make them stand out from other neckers in the crowded marketplace. Consider utilizing atypical shapes such as squares, stars, triangles, circles, and animals that are related to the product and brand identity. Get creative with color and texture to enhance the visual appeal of neckers.


Select a size that fits smoothly around the bottle without eclipsing any vital information on either side depending on the kind of bottle.  Generally, smaller sizes offer more flexibility in design options due to their trivial footprint on a shelf or countertop display. However, larger sizes may be required to cover plenty of images or text that demand extra space for readability and impact.

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