Is it safe to fly into Doha airport?

Qatar Airways primary hub is Doha Airport. The airline operates all international connecting flights from Doha Hamad International Airport where it is headquartered. That means your flight booking requires a layover at Doha Airport before you may continue your trip. This lets you explore the area.

Is Doha Airport safe to travel into? You should know this.

Safety at Hamad International Airport

Qatar Airways flights hub is Doha Hamad International Airport. Thus airport security is uncompromised. Actually Hamad International Airport is one of the safest and most recommended airports worldwide.

The airport provides a relaxing and safe travel experience with cutting-edge health safety and security measures.

Geopolitics stability

Doha Hamad International Airport is geopolitically stable. The airport security is unmatched due to the country excellent security infrastructure and low crime rate.

Facilities present at Doha airport

Medical Clinics

Doha airport offers various medical clinics with modern facilities to treat any medical emergency. Medical staff are available 24 7 to help passengers.


Doha airport features various pharmacies for medical purchases. Thus passengers can simply buy over-the-counter or prescribed pharmaceuticals.

First aid stations

First aid stations at Hamad International Airport are strategically placed. So passengers with minor injuries or other health conditions can get help immediately.

Accessibility for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Facilities for disabled passengers are available at the airport. For instance

  • Wheelchair ramps.
  • Elevators.
  • Accessible restrooms.

Baby Care Facilities

For parents flying with babies the airport has infant care rooms with changing and feeding places.

Rest Zones

Transit and layover passengers can easily access airport rest areas. These rooms have pleasant sitting for passengers to unwind before their next trip.

Airport Police and Security

An airport security force and/or police protect Doha airport. Airport staff are everywhere to protect passengers and infrastructure.

Baggage Handling Services

Baggage handling services help passengers with lost damaged or delayed luggage.

Lost and Found

Airport guests can easily retrieve misplaced belongings with a safe lost and found service.

Currency Exchange and ATMs

Passengers can change currency or withdraw money from an ATM at the airport.

Information Desks

Information desks with knowledgeable workers assist passengers.

Travellers must ensure their own safety even when the airport is safe. It comprises

  • Ensuring personal protection.
  • Being attentive of surroundings.
  • Managing possessions.
  • Adhering to airport security protocols.
  • Obeying airport staff instructions.

To learn more about Doha Airport safety and security visit Qatar Airways manage booking site and contact the airline.