Top 4 Reasons Why Bajaj Platina 110 H Gear is The Best Mileage Bike in India

Bajaj Auto is one of the leading motorcycle brands in India. The brand manufactures compact sports bikes, cruiser bikes, street bikes, sport commuter bikes and mileage bikes.

Bajaj Auto’s best-selling mileage bike the Bajaj Platina 110 H Gear. There are many reasons behind the success of the Platina 110 H Gear. The following sections will shine a light on 4 of those reasons.

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Timeless looks

The Platina H Gear has the same overall look as the Wind 125 – a Bajaj bike from the year 2005. But, the looks of the bike remained relevant throughout the decades.

The bike comes with a quadrilateral-shaped headlamp unit. The fuel tank is free from creases. The tail section is long and sweeping.

The latest iteration of the bike comes with a golden 3D ‘Platina’ logo stuck on the fuel tank. The seat has a quilt pattern and comes with an embossed ‘Comfortec’ branding at the rear of the bike. The crankcase of the bike is blacked out.

A killer package

The Platina H gear is not a new bike from Bajaj but it still is a best seller. The second reason behind the success of the bike is its killer OEM package.

The bike now comes equipped with a semi-digital instrument cluster consisting of an analogue speedometer and a small digital display. The digital display does a fine job of displaying a clock, the fuel meter, the odometer and the trip meter. The digital display also doubles up as a digital tachometer by displaying the gear position. The digital display is also programmed to show an up or down arrow beside the gear number. This allows the rider to use the gear position indicator as a digital tachometer.

One can also buy a Platina with front disc and rear drum brakes. However, the bike won’t come with an ABS sensor for the front disc brake. Instead, all trims of the bike are equipped with Bajaj-patented Anti-Skid Braking (ASB) system. 

The bike gets a traditional telescopic fork suspension setup for the front wheel. The rear wheel is equipped with twin hydraulic shock absorbers. The front suspension is tuned to have a travel factor of 135mm. The rear suspensions are tuned to have a travel factor of 110mm. The swing arm of the bike has been reinforced in a bid to keep the bike stable at high speeds. The bike also gets tubeless CEAT tyres.

The engine of the bike is a single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected 115cc engine. The peak power and torque outputs of the engine are 8.5bhp and 9.81Nm respectively.

An impressive ride every time

The engine of the bike is one of the smoothest from the house of Bajaj Auto. The gearbox is not the slickest as the gear throws are long. The gear engagement click sound is satisfying though! 

Being a 110 CC bike, it is natural for the vehicle to be not so quick off the line. The first three gears of the transmission system entail close ratios. This allows the rider to quickly leave the traffic behind and hit the 40kmph range. Make past 45 KMPH and one would have to engage the fourth gear. After 60 KMPH, it is best to shift to the H gear. The H gear would allow one to maintain cruising speed at low engine RPM.

After 70 KMPH, the engine feels a bit out of breath. And one would also feel quite a lot of vibrations through the handlebar. 

The top speed of the bike is electronically limited to 95kmph.

Confidence-inspiring braking performance

Bajaj equipped the bike with its proprietary Anti-Skid Braking (ASB) system. The basic working principle of the ASB is simple. When one depresses the rear brake pedal on the bike, both front and rear brakes are engaged. The ASB might sound barebones but it is quite capable of stopping the front wheel from rolling without locking it up. However, one must remember that the ASB is not ABS. Hence, if one thinks that the ASB system will return the performance of ABS then they are wrong.

To learn more about the motorcycle, take a test ride at the nearest Bajaj bike dealership.

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