Muslims do Umrah in Makkah Saudi Arabia. Visit sacred sites and perform rituals on this spiritual journey. Umrah Packages are affordable for this spiritual pilgrimage. Umrah requires some rules.

Someone who follows Islam marriage ban is a mahram. All Muslims men and women want to make the Umrah to Mecca. Allah SWT has assigned roles to protect women on their journey.

Introduction: Umrah and Hajj

Hajj or Umrah for Allah is a once in a lifetime opportunity and religious duty for Muslims worldwide. Umrah and Hajj share many religious practices despite being separate pilgrimages. You must take certain steps to do the optional Umrah trip to Makkah. Despite being a recommended Ibadah act no Muslim must perform it.

Performing Umrah without Mahram

Saudi Arabia will let women between 18 and 65 to perform Umrah without a mahram if they travel in groups. Recent Ministry of Hajj and Umrah changes require women considering Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage to undergo a partial immunization one dosage. Furthermore they must be disease free. Kingdom residents and Saudi nationals who have not performed Hajj in five years can register for this year Hajj.

The Lesser or Minor Pilgrimage

Umrah is sometimes considered a minor pilgrimage compared to Hajj. Muslims visit Makkah’s Grand Mosque beyond Hajj days.

Performing the Umrah without a mahram

The Hajj ministry permitted women of all ages to travel in 2021 in groups without a mahram. Saudi Arabia Minister of Hajj and Umrah Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al Rabiah said women can now finish their pilgrimages without a mahram.

According to Hajj and Umrah consultant Ahmed Saleh Halabi women can now conduct Hajj and Umrah without a mahram in the company of trustworthy women or in secure situations.

Social reforms include a decision

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman social reforms aim to open the Kingdom oil dependent economy. Women can drive and travel without a male guardian since he became crown prince.

Compared to the annual Hajj journey in Islam Umrah is considered small. Muslims visit Mecca Grand Mosque outside Hajj pilgrimage dates. A pilgrimage to a holy site is called Umrah in Arabic.

What is a Mahram?

A man is called a mahram in Arabic if he is a woman male relative and she cannot marry him. After marriage a woman husband becomes her Mahram. Mahrams are male relatives who meet one of the following criteria. One immediate ancestors and descendants connect to parent’s grandparents and other forebears.

Some scholars believe a woman can perform Umrah or Hajj without a Mahram if she is with a trusted group or on safe routes. Experts disagree on whether a mahram is needed. Consult your attorney before choosing. Due to our security many women who work in the Kingdom without a mahram have no major occurrences. No longer are ladies afraid to arrive without a mahram.

Mahram guidelines

Mahrams are family members whose marriage is haram in Islam. One spouse is mahram. A woman may travel with an adult male mahram without covering her head.