The vape industry has blown up in popularity in the past couple of years. No doubt, getting success in such a competitive world can be challenging but not impossible. Businesses with this high demand always have a chance of greater success if they know how to create, market, and brand them. Greater chances of success bring greater risks of failure. If your strategy goes wrong, your vape business can collapse. Regardless of the industry, the reasons for the failure of retail businesses are pretty common. Likewise, vape stores in North Vancouver fail for a variety of reasons. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 6 reasons for vape shop failure. So, stay with us to get to know these biggest reasons.

1. Not enough investment

Many people are out there talking about starting a vape shop with a few thousand dollars. You’d be amazed to hear this. But that’s true. No doubt, motivation and dedication are vital ingredients for success, but sometimes common sense is missing. Having a strong enough budget is crucial when you start any business-to-consumer (B2C) business model. There is something that is between retail and consumable businesses, which is investment. Many retail businesses fail, not particularly vape businesses, due to “undercapitalization,”.  Undercapitalization means running out of money. Unless you are thinking about an online vape shop, where the initial investment does not have to be as great as the investment for a brick-and-mortar business,

2. Lack of experience

Having vape experience or experience doing retail business does not mean that you have the necessary experience to run a vape shop. You need a combination of both elements to run a successful vape business. The last thing you want for a potential customer is to come to your vape shop and receive heavy technical advice from a vape expert who doesn’t even know how to provide good customer service. Or the opposite of it: getting excellent customer care service from someone who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Vape Vancouver staff at your vape shop is responsible for providing support to your customers, guiding them in the right direction, and providing them with knowledge that they didn’t have before coming to your vape shop. An inexperienced staff who is unable to provide good customer service may lead your vape shop in Vancouver towards failure.

3. The business’s goal is only to make money

It is a matter of fact that every business owner starts his business to earn a profit. That’s not wrong; the thing that is ticking is that the only goal of business is to make money without any hard work. To lift a business, a business owner needs more than just a good investment, regardless of the industry type. It takes a lot of time, passion, and hard work to make a business successful to the extent that the business owner envisioned it. For instance, spending 10 hours daily in a vape shop is not enough to make it successful. You have to be dedicated, passionate, and hard-working to achieve your business goal.

4. Low accessibility and little visibility of vape stores in Vancouver

Whether it is an online vape shop or a brick-and-mortar business, everyone wants that potential customer to come to the shop, whether they are walking through the street or skimming through a Google search result. Marketing strategies play a crucial role in achieving this desired visibility. Forget about the tinted windows, and ensure that everyone who walks by your store knows exactly what vape products you have in your store. For this, it is better to install glass windows or doors in your vape shop. Moreover, make sure that your shelves are always stocked with goodies and have comfortable seating to sit on and enjoy vaping for a few minutes. Likewise, if you have an online vape shop, then make sure that your SEO strategy is on point.

5. Selling too much or too little of everything

Always sell; that’s truly important. Although it is a good idea to be innovative and branch out into different spaces to get new customers, selling too much of everything will drive you away from niches about which you are sure that will work. To increase sales for your vape business, define your niche first. For this, you have to figure out who your targeted customers are, and what they want to buy, and stock these things up. Vice versa, the same concept applies both ways. If your vape shop doesn’t have enough variety, then customers will tire of coming to your vape shop because they won’t find what they want. Nobody wants to enter a vape shop that only has a few flavoured juices.

6. The price is not competitive

Nowadays, due to the emerging vaping industry, vape products have become everyday consumables for many, and they are looking for vape products that play nice to their wallets. People don’t want to buy those products at outrageous prices. They are usually stuck with those vape shops that sell vape products at reasonable prices within their budget. High prices for vape products may give you initial profits, but they deteriorate your business on a long-term basis.


A business can easily fail, especially in the retail business. A tiny mistake can lead your vape business towards failure. For instance, it is difficult to handle consumers; lack of experienced staff can be risky for vape entrepreneurs; lack of vape products or selling too many products; little investment can also become a reason; and many other things make it easy for vape stores in Vancouver to fail. Luckily, we have pointed out some of the common mistakes that contributed to the failure of the vape shop. Thus, make sure you don’t do this.

Meta descriptionWith a little negligence and mistake, your dream vape shop in Vancouver can collapse. You have to practice some necessary tools to avoid these mistakes.