According to a report published by Ship Station, “Almost 60 to 80% of customers claimed that they stop going back to a brand for repurchase if their product’s packaging was poor.” What does this study reflect? 

It’s an alarming situation for all businesspeople practicing their selling activities with poor packaging! But, Don’t get panic..!! In this blog, you can learn how to craft high-quality custom printed product boxes

The one interesting fact about these worthy product boxes packaging is their brand-savior nature, unlike the conventional ones. You can enjoy high business sales by elevating the quality of your packaging boxes, which are the ultimate face of your inside products. 

Custom Product Boxes: A Way to Protect, Impress, and Promote

A packaging box can be the perfect medium to create the first good and ever-lasting impressions about your products. An ordinary or lousy packaging box can blow your elegant products away from the competition. 

Meanwhile, the meticulously crafted quality product packaging boxes can give your inside products a wavy and shining look. Hence, they can easily get noticed while keeping on the shelves. A packaging box with premium quality can protect your inside product very cautiously throughout the whole shipment route. 

Moreover, these best-quality product packaging boxes can create powerful impressions to grab maximum customers in a retail store. Thus, You can get unbeatable and cost-effective promotional benefits due to having maximum sales of your products. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Design Quality Product Boxes

Till now, you are well aware of the beneficial impacts of custom product packaging boxes. But now, the one question must be in your mind: how to design these packaging boxes to ensure their best quality.

No worries..!! Your search is over! Here are some remarkable and influential ways in which you can design high-quality packaging boxes to captivate maximum customers. Let’s delve into the following points to know more!

Use Durable Material

The first and foremost thing to be considered before crafting your custom printed product boxes is to choose the right material with the right quality. You should use the most durable material to properly support your inside product.

The varying nature and size of the products may require varying types of materials to have optimal support and durability while keeping them on the shelves. Secondly, you have to ensure their safety and security during their worldwide shipment of products. Thus, the use of a suitable material can give the best quality to your packaging boxes as well as to your products. 

Choose Captivating Color Palette 

Quality is not about just choosing a durable and sturdy material. Quality is all about the value additions that your customers need the most and can resonate with their buying persona through them. Thus, you have to choose the best captivating colors that reflect your inside products with morte allure. 

The use of an alluring and best-fitted color palette can also depict the quality of your packaging products as you invest your efforts into their printing. You can add some special colors like “color of the year, Viva Magenta”. Thus, this will depict your updated version of quality products inside your product boxes. 

Create WOW Factor with Stylish Unboxing

You can make your custom product boxes as stylish as your actual products kept inside. Style is all about adding engaging and alluring shapes to the top of your product boxes packaging and making them playful and joyous.

Moreover, you can add some puzzle-like elements before unboxing these packaging boxes, which will assist you in creating a WOW factor to create lasting impressions. Thus, you can get outstanding quality factors with their premium looks to get high sales. 

Provide Gift-Like Visuals

The quality custom printed product boxes are the ones through which your customers get excited to buy your inside products at first glance. Thus, you can give your customers a gift-like look to create excitement and thrill. 

According to IPSOS, “81% of the customers living in the U.S. claimed that the packaging boxes have influential effects on the selection of their gifts.” Thus, you can estimate the power of custom product packaging boxes with a gift-like look. Adding this visual effect in these boxes can resonate with the real gift-purchasing items and can easily elevate your sales. 

Make Them Eco-Friendly

The utmost need of the hour of every packaging product is to ensure its quality to act as an environment savior. The conventional packaging included non-biodegradable materials, now considered the poorest quality packaging related to sustainability. 

Thus, you can add quality to your custom boxes packaging through using green and eco-friendly materials like cardboard or paperboard. These are the greenest materials to ensure the green footprints in the surroundings. Thus, customers prefer sustainable packaging products as the best quality products. 

Wrap Up

To create quality custom printed product boxes, you have to know the innovative ways while reflecting the real buying persona of customers. So, you will have a clear vision of crafting your quality packaging boxes through the above-discussed incredible ways. 

Meanwhile, if you need to outsource these versatile packaging boxes, contact Vive Printing. It is a well-known packaging industry with years of experience to serve with its outstanding custom retail boxes. Thus, move on and get your best quality product boxes. 


What is the best material for custom product packaging?

The material having more durability while ensuring sustainability is the best material for packaging boxes. Thus, paperboard or cardboard are the best ones.

Why should I choose custom product boxes over conventional ones?

Custom boxes are chosen because of their alluring and enticing power due to their best quality, performance, and customization according to actual products. 

What are the qualities of good custom product boxes packaging?

They have the following major qualities:

  • Durability
  • Customization for need 
  • Effective marketing 
  • Eco-friendly

Why is the quality of the custom printed product boxes important?

The quality of a packaging box is very important to ensure secure shipment and create long-lasting customer connections for a specific product.

Where can I get good quality custom retail boxes?

Vive Printing is the best and budget-friendly platform to provide premium quality retail boxes, having years of positive customer service.