Having a certification in data science can prove to be a great advantage in your pursuit of finding a data science job in a good company that pays nicely. Though many employers do not openly disclose whether they need the candidate to be data science certified or not, with data science certificate in your resume will definitely going to help you to get the job with higher salaries.

Data science courses and certifications come with several hidden benefits as well which can directly or indirectly help in your data science career. For example, many certifications require networking with professionals in the field either for some project or for getting help with resources. These networks with professionals can help you land your first data science job.

Data Science job outlook

For those confused minds who are wondering what the future of data science is, these stats will help you decide your career. World Economic Forum in its report mentioned an estimated 328.77 million terabytes of data is generated every day. There are a lot of data and businesses across industries are eying to utilize them to advance their business ahead. For this mammoth task, organizations are continuously looking for skilled and certified data science professionals.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for data science professionals will grow by 36% in this decade i.e. by 2031. Not only that, the salary of data science professionals has seen upward growth as well where there is a great probability of beginners bagging six-figure salaries.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to invest in yourself and earn the necessary skills and knowledge to secure your place in the realm of data science.

Best data science courses and certifications

Data science is a rapidly growing industry and setting up a career in this domain can be very much helpful. Here are some courses that you can choose to begin your data science career:

  • Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP™): USDSI®

This data science course for beginners from the United States Data Science Institute is one of the best courses that covers data science topics especially curated by ‘The USDSI® Data Science Advisory Board (DSAB)’ comprising of best subject matter experts and influencers in data science industry such as CTOs, CIOs, Data Scientists, and Technology leaders from fortune 500 companies.

The course aims to empower students and new professionals who are looking to step into a data science career and want to learn the fundamental concepts of data science. Students can avail of great discounts from their SuperEd program where students from partner universities or a group of professionals enrolling together for the course can get discounts of up to 10%.

  • Master of Science in Data Science: National University of Singapore

This MS program has been ranked 12th in the best course for the data science category by QS World University rankings. This is a 12-month full-time as well as part-time program priced at SGD 48,000. The course has been designed in accordance with the Economic Development Board of Singapore which aims to create impactful data science professionals that can take the country’s economy forward.

The course consists of 40 modules, 5 of which are core modules each consisting of a 130-hour workload of classroom reading, assignments, tests, etc.

  • Professional Certificate in Data Science and Analytics: MIT

MIT is one of the most famous universities that many dream of studying in. Now, MIT is offering professional certificates, for students who wish to add the prestigious name of MIT to their resume, in the form of data science certification.

This is a 6-month online learning program requiring a time commitment of 15-20 hours per week from students. The program fee costs US$6,854, however, students can avail of a discount of US$745 through their referral program. After completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Use data to assist in data-driven decision-making of their organization
  • Use Python and Google Colab to train and deploy models
  • Do analysis and translation of technical results into easy-to-use visual insights

This program grants students with MITxPRO certificates, access to insights from MIT faculty, and capstone projects to sharpen their skills.


Here we have listed the 3 best data science courses to gain skills and start your career in data science. Though every courses and certification program have its own pros and cons, students must do their part of the research to determine which one best matches their goal and must explore further options as well. We have ranked these certifications and courses based on their price, the global reputation of the institutes, and the curriculum designed for beginners.

With the data science industry evolving rapidly, students and new professionals must aim to make their foundation in data science strong and these courses are best for that.