One of the best things you can add to your wedding day is a photo booth. It is a form of entertainment and a station where your guests can have a personal keepsake to commemorate your special day. There are many different types of photo booth rentals you can avail of in Dallas, Texas, and it can get overwhelming to choose the most appropriate one for your celebration. Continue reading as we help you decide what photo booth rental is best for your Dallas wedding.

360 Photo Booths

360 photo booths are some of the most unique and immersive photo booth styles available. This Dallas photo booth rental double as a photo and video booth and will capture slow-motion videos from all sides and angles as guests strike multiple poses or dance moves. You and your guests will definitely feel like a celebrity on the red carpet with this style.

Mirror Photo Booths

Mirror photo booth rentals in Dallas are a more modern take of the photo booth. These photo booths look like full-length mirrors but have touch-screen features, so you and your guests have an instant selfie station. They are highly interactive and serve as a fun way to take photos, with guests being able to see how they look before they snap away.

iPad Photo Booths

iPad photo booth rentals in Dallas are more affordable and require very minimal setup. They do not require a professional attendant, which makes them suitable for smaller venues. Even at a budget-friendly rate, iPad photo booth rentals do not compromise the quality of photos your guests can take. You can request customized photo booth designs and backdrops, with personalized templates and logos on every photo. All photos can be shared in real time, with a downloadable online gallery that guests can access.

Traditional Photo Booths

Have your guests enjoy a blast from the past with traditional photo booths. While these photo booth rentals in Dallas feature the old-school photo booth style, they use modern-day technology to produce high-quality photos instantly. They are perfect for couples who have a vintage wedding theme, complete with appropriately-themed backdrops, props, and photo booth design.

If you’ve chosen the photo booth style suitable for your wedding, the next step is finding a reliable company to rent from. At Photo Booth Doctor, you can count on us to provide the perfect photo booth rental to complement your wedding’s theme, all the while sticking to your budget. Whether you want a stylish mirror photo booth or an interactive 360 photo booth, we can take care of it! Contact us today to learn more about our Dallas photo booth rentals and to book a reservation for your memorable day.