Ireland is known for its whiskey. In fact, we’re home to the oldest distillery in the world: Midleton. The history of distilling at Midleton goes back more than 300 years, but what does this mean for visitors? Well, you can expect some serious vibes when you visit this historic location. It’s a place for true connoisers (like myself) to explore, discover and delight in the essence of Irish distilling…

The Story of Midleton Whiskey

The story of Midleton Whiskey begins with two men: John Jameson and George Roe. The former was the founder of this family-owned distillery, which has been operating since 1780. The latter was a farmer who lived on the site where Midleton now stands.

Roe had been leasing land to another farmer named Richard Caulfield when he fell into debt and was forced to sell his property for £300 in 1825 (around $4,000 today). Afterward, Caulfield became aware that there was an excellent source of water nearby–and so he bought up additional acreage around it before founding what would become Ireland’s oldest existing whiskey distillery at Midleton House (now known as Old Distillery House).

The Distillery

The Midleton distillery is located in the Irish town of Midleton, Co. Cork. Founded by Pernod Ricard in 1975, it is Ireland’s largest whiskey distillery and produces some of the world’s most sought-after whiskeys.

The water used at Midleton comes from a source deep underground called “Green Well.” This natural spring has been used as far back as 1640 when Lord Cork built his first castle on this site; since then it has provided water for generations of locals who have lived off its bounty–and now for us too!

The Mens’s Club

The Mens’ Club is a private members club for serious whiskey drinkers. It’s also a place to learn about the history of Irish distilling and Midleton Whiskey in particular.

The library at The Mens Club contains books on Irish distilling, including several volumes dedicated to the history of Midleton Whiskey.

Private Tours and Exclusive Experiences

To book a tour, click here.

  • You’ll receive an email confirming your booking within 24 hours. Tours are available Monday-Saturday at 10am and 2pm; Sunday tours are available at 1pm.
  • The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and takes place in the Midleton Distillery Visitor Centre (located near Cork Airport).
  • Tours are conducted by our friendly guides who will share their knowledge about how Irish whiskey is made, its history and heritage as well as give you an insight into what makes Midleton so special! They will also answer any questions you may have about our products or services.* You’ll learn more about our rich history while visiting some of Ireland’s most historic buildings such as Stonemason Lodge where distilling began in 1770 by John Power & Son; Old Rectory which was once home to Reverend Alexander Fitzgerald who became famous for his ‘Fitzgerald’s Whiskey’ (now known as Paddy); New Distillery built during World War II when demand for whiskey increased dramatically due to rationing measures imposed on food supplies etc.

Midleton Whiskey is a place for the true connoisseur to explore, discover and delight in the essence of Irish distilling.

Midleton is the oldest distillery in Ireland, and has been producing whiskey since 1770. Their long history of distilling makes them the perfect place for you to explore, discover and delight in the essence of Irish distilling.

Midleton Distilling Company offers a wide range of whiskeys with different flavors that are sure to please any palate.


We hope you have enjoyed our story and will come to Midleton Whiskey to explore, discover and delight in the essence of Irish distilling.