Features of Turnitin

Assignment writing is an essential part of our education system. Students have to write their assignments to showcase their learning and concepts for a topic. It directly impacts your grades and checks your academic integrity. So, do you want to improve your assignment writing skills to excel in your studies? Start using Turnitin today! It is an online plagiarism checker tool but works beyond it. Various features of Turnitin make it an incredible choice for your assignment writing. It not only gives you an idea about plagiarism, rather it provides detailed feedback for the betterment of your writing. In this article, we will discuss the impact of feedback features of Turnitin to improve your assignment writing.

Introduction to Turnitin:

Turnitin is the most trusted plagiarism checker tool. It is an educational online tool widely used in various institutions worldwide. It can detect any similarity of your content with others. It helps you to identify grammar mistakes and detect AI content. In the end, it provides a complete report of your assignment writing. It compares your data with various academic publications and research papers. It helps you to maintain your academic integrity and protects you from any kind of dishonesty.

In addition to its basic similarity-checking ability, it also provides a list of feedback features that can help you. These features of Turnitin allow students to improve their assignment writing skills. Students can quickly learn from their mistakes from the Turnitin feedback and improvise their work. It requires quality time with full concentration on your work. If you are not able to do this for some reason, you can rely on The Academic Papers UK to buy assignment online. It can help you to save your grades.

The Role of Plagiarism Checks and Feedback Features of Turnitin in Assignment Writing:

Plagiarism checks and feedback features of Turnitin greatly impact your assignment writing abilities, such as:

Uphold Academic Integrity:

If you want to write an assignment, your primary focus should be on honesty in your work. Dont, copy paste others’ work without giving credit to them. Plagiarism checks of Turnitin can identify any copied content that can ruin your academic career. So, always try to maintain academic integrity while writing your assignments.

Constructive Feedback to Improve Writing Skills:

Turnitin has a feedback studio that helps students to identify their mistakes. After identification, they can refine their assignment writing abilities in no time. The constructive feedback features of Turnitin allow students to thoroughly analyze and improve their writing skills.

Promotes the Production of Original Work:

Students should focus on designing their content using creative ideas. They should not depend upon the already existing content. You can benefit from the Feedback features of Turnitin to design your original content. It increases your critical thinking process and enhances personal growth.

Provides a Percentage of Students’ Success:

Turnitin gives your success report in the form of percentages. Like 13% plagiarism means it has 13% similar content that you should replace or rephrase. Such percentage measurements help your instructor to know about your progress in writing.

Use of Turnitin for Feedback and Originality Checks in Assignment Writing:

Turnitin is an easy-to-use feedback provider tool that helps you in writing your assignment. If you want to check the feedback and originality of your content, submit your work in Turnitin and get its results. It will give you proper feedback on your work, highlighting various writing parts for improvement. Follow these instructions to use various features of Turnitin:

Assignment Submission:

You can submit your assignments in the Turnitin. It will scan your writing against various academic sources to check for any possible instances of plagiarism in it.

Originality Reports:

After a few seconds of submission, you can see your report. Turnitin creates a thorough report of your assignment that highlights similarities in the submitted work. These summaries help you to understand the originality of your work. You should improve it by highlighting any parts that need editing or correct citation.

Feedback and Grading:

After checking for plagiarism, you can check its complete feedback report in Turnitin. It allows your professors to give immediate feedback on the submitted assignments. Comments, recommendations for improvement, and evaluations of different areas of the assignment can all be included in this feedback.

Revision and Resubmission:

Students can go over the feedback they received, make any necessary changes, and submit their assignments again for further review. It helps them to refine and improve their assignment writing skills.

The Benefits of Turnitin’s Feedback Features in Assignment Writing:

1. Helps Students to Create Original Content:

The feedback features of Turnitin are pretty important for enhancing assignment writing skills. Its plagiarism-checking program helps you to create original content. Turnitin allows students to create high-quality, genuine work, which contributes to their academic achievement.

2. Finding Improvement Opportunities:

Turnitin’s feedback tools indicate particular sections or various elements of the assignment that need attention. It allows students to concentrate their efforts on improving those areas.

3. Learning from Mistakes:

Students can get important knowledge about their writing skills and limitations via feedback. By comprehending their errors, learners can prevent a repeat and create plans to enhance their upcoming work.

4. Improving Writing Techniques:

Feedback features of Turnitin offer tips on improving writing styles, citation formats, and overall structure. Students might improve their writing skills by taking criticism to heart and using it in subsequent assignments.

5. Fostering Academic Growth:

Using Turnitin’s feedback tools, students can develop a positive growth attitude. Thus, they continually strive to improve at writing. A culture of lifelong learning is encouraged by regular engagement with feedback.


Turnitin, a plagiarism-checking software, is not only used to detect plagiarism. It also gives students a platform to receive insightful criticism of their work. It helps students to identify areas for development and improve their writing methods. With the help of Turnitin, you can enhance your ability to complete the assignments effectively. It develops new advancements and encourages originality in the content. It allows students to develop powerful writing skills and improves their critical thinking.