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Tips for writing a better assignment-

You can write your assignment yourself to avoid taking any online assignment help. Here are some tips for writing assignments.

Before writing the assignment-

  • The first and foremost task is to understand the assignment properly: There are many times when the topics could be clearer. So as to avoid any mistakes, it is better to have a clear understanding of the topic and the assignment requirements.
  • Secondly, start early: Do not wait for the last day to begin the assignment. It is always preferable to begin as soon as possible to have enough time to conduct research.
  • Furthermore, research extensively: It is always better to review many books and articles before writing an assignment. This provides superior and substantial content.
  • Additionally, make notes and jot down important points: It is good practice to carry a notebook and a pen while going through the books to note down the important points related to your assignment.
  • Then the next step is to structure the assignment: It provides a basic idea of what the assignment should be like after completion and in which order the content has to be written.
  • The next step is to outline the assignment: It is good practice to outline the main headings before writing.
  • The last step is to organize the content: It is always better to clearly understand what part of the content will go into the introduction, what will be the main content, and what will come under the conclusion.

While writing the assignment-

  1. Start your assignment with an introduction.

It is an important step because an introduction provides a basic idea about the content of the assignment. An introduction should be well-written because it gives the first impression of the assignment.

  • The main content should be complete.

It should provide all the information structurally which supports your argument. It should not be misleading or confusing.  It is better to use quotes, statistics, and other evidence supporting your point because they also verify your argument.

  • The assignment should always have a conclusion.

It is because it is your last chance to sum up your argument, and it leaves a lasting impression on the reader.

  • Always mention your sources.

It increases the credibility and worth of your assignment. It also showcases your research and helps you to acknowledge others’ contributions.

  • The language should be conventional.

Avoid using slang or shortcuts while writing the assignment because it comes across as unprofessional.

After writing the assignment-

  • Review your assignment: It is advisable to check it for grammatical errors and language.
  • Check the word limit: Your assignment should be within the word limit. It is important to remember the word limit as it is a principal criterion for evaluation.
  • Check for plagiarism: There are many websites that could check for plagiarism. Using them is always advisable to ensure your content is not plagiarised.


To conclude, writing a good assignment is a challenge faced by all students; some students understand it and overcome the challenges, while others continue to face it. Those who overcome these basic mistakes receive a positive response to the assignment and become more confident and efficient. At the same time, the others struggle with these and fail to score well.

These students should not be disheartened; they should remember that practice makes a man perfect. By applying these basic tips, they could write a better assignments and improve their ability.

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