Chemotherapy refers to a class of pharmaceuticals or medications used to treat cancer. They work by destroying fast-multiplying cells, such as cancer cells, and reducing their capacity to reproduce, develop, and spread. Various chemotherapy medications are used to treat various malignancies, either alone or in combination. These medications are often administered by cancer experts in hospitals.  

India has developed as a significant medical tourism destination, providing affordable yet high-quality healthcare treatments. When it comes to chemotherapy, the country has a strong healthcare infrastructure, cutting-edge treatment facilities, and a pool of trained medical personnel with cancer care expertise. 

Chemotherapy patients in India can benefit from the experience of doctors and multidisciplinary teams working together to deliver complete cancer treatment. Chemotherapy costs in India range from Rs.44400 to Rs.59200 for Indian patients. Foreign patients pay between USD 900 and USD 1100. The diagnosis and facilities chosen by the patient determine the total cost of therapy.

What are the Advantages of Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is used in almost all types of cancers in various stages, such as early stages of cancer, and in some patients, even in advanced stages, to cure cancer. If cancer cannot be cured, then chemotherapy is used to improve symptoms caused by cancer and increase the duration of life. 

Cancer Therapy India offers the best chemotherapy in India and has state-of-the-art facilities and technologies available for patients in need. 

How is Chemotherapy Given?

Chemotherapy can be given orally as pills or intravenously as injections or infusions. In most circumstances, it is provided as an infusion. Chemotherapy can sometimes be administered as a mix of pills and infusions. They penetrate the bloodstream and target cancer cells wherever they are in the body, regardless of how they are delivered. 

Nowadays, the majority of chemotherapy requires a nursery hospitalization in an Oncology daycare facility, and patients are discharged the same day. Certain chemotherapy regimens may need a few days of hospitalization in order to give the medicine safely. It is often administered once a week, or twice a week, for 4 to 6 months, and sometimes longer.

What Factors Affect Chemotherapy Costs in India?

  • Type and stage of cancer: The type and stage of cancer considerably influence the duration and severity of chemotherapy treatment. Various forms of cancer may necessitate different medications and treatment methods, resulting in variable prices.
  • Selection of hospital and treatment facility: The choice of hospitals and treatment facilities might have an impact on the entire cost. Premium hospitals with cutting-edge facilities and modern technologies may charge more rates than more affordable ones.
  • Medication and treatment protocol: Chemotherapy medicine prices vary based on the individual medications administered and the length of the treatment plan. Certain drugs may be more expensive than others, adding to the entire expense of therapy.
  • Diagnostic testing and supporting care: Extra costs for diagnostic tests, imaging scans, laboratory investigations, and supportive care services such as nutrition, counseling, and rehabilitation may be incurred.

India offers a large network of famous hospitals and cancer treatment institutes that offer affordable chemotherapy. Prominent cities with sophisticated oncology facilities and competent oncologists include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. 

These facilities adhere to internationally established treatment methods and place a premium on patient safety and care. Therefore, the low chemotherapy cost in India does not jeopardize the quality of care delivered. Indian cancer institutions and hospitals adhere to strict quality standards and employ highly experienced medical personnel. Several hospitals in India are globally certified and outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, assuring the best possible outcomes for cancer patients.

The best hospitals in India for chemotherapy are:

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai: Tata Memorial Hospital is a world-renowned cancer treatment and research facility. It provides cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment. The hospital provides a medical oncology and chemotherapy section that offers tailored treatment programs and access to cutting-edge medicines.

Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Mumbai: Nanavati Hospital features a separate care unit that houses many cancer treatment programs, including medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, robotic surgery, chemotherapy, cytoreductive surgery, cancer reconstructive surgery, and bone marrow transplant. The department is well-equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as Halcyon (the most recent linear accelerator), Sentinel Lymph node biopsy, HIPEC technology, Immunotherapy, IMRT, IGRT, digital mammography, and many more.

Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon-A dedicated breast care team is provided with extensive experience in treating illnesses such as breast cancer, fibroadenoma, fibrocystic breast, intraductal carcinoma, and others. With a 100% success record, the institution has performed complicated procedures for oral, head, and neck malignancies, such as microvascular surgery, skull base surgeries, and organ preservation surgeries. The worldwide hospital is regarded as India’s greatest hospital since it offers surgical treatment for all forms of cancer.

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai: Apollo Hospitals is a renowned healthcare provider in India that provides exceptional cancer care. The oncology department of the hospital is made up of highly experienced physicians and a team of qualified specialists committed to providing tailored chemotherapy treatments. Apollo Hospitals’ network extends across numerous cities in India, offering easy access to high-quality care.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram: Fortis Memorial Research Institute is a multi-specialty hospital that specializes in cancer treatment. The hospital’s Department of Medical Oncology provides comprehensive chemotherapy treatments and is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment for accurate diagnosis and treatment delivery.


Chemotherapy cost in India provides cancer patients seeking excellent treatment with an inexpensive and accessible choice. The country’s healthcare infrastructure, trained medical experts, and dedication to excellent care make it a perfect option for people looking for low-cost chemotherapy without sacrificing treatment outcomes.