Umrah is one of the best things that Allah SWT gives to a pilgrim, because going to the house of Allah SWT and asking for forgiveness gives us a new soul. Muslims go on Umrah by themselves, with their families, and with their children. We all have to follow the rules that Allah SWT and his prophet Muhammad SAW set up for Hajj and Umrah. In the same way, there are specific rules that tell us what to do about the Umrah obligation of children and minors. In this article, we’ll look closely at what Islamic scholars say about children and minors going on Umrah via booking umrah package London from Baitullah Travel. This is also to let you know that there are many Ramadan Umrah deals for the Umrah obligation, which can make this spiritual journey easier for both individuals and groups of family and friends.

Age restriction for Minors: According to Islamic traditions and rules, Umrah is only for people who are at least seven years old, which is considered the age of discernment. So, a child can do Umrah when he is 7 years old. According to the rules and regulations, all the rituals have to be done.

Rules of Intention and Ihram for Minors: Islamic scholars say that if a minor is younger than the age of discernment and travelling with family, he should have a guardian. He has to dress like he is in Ihram, and the guardian will pray for him. Guardian must take care of all of the rules that must be followed in the state of Ihram.

Rules of Tawaf for Minors or Children:
The rules of tawaf are tied to the guardian, just like the intention is. The Gordian can do a single Tawaf on behalf of himself and the child. There is no need to do Tawaf a second time. If a guardian does Tawaf twice, he is not limited in any way.

Rules for Saiee for Minors or Children: The child’s guardian sets the intention for saiee and performs sayee once on both of their behalfs. Here, it’s not against the rules to do double rituals, because the minor doesn’t have to do any rituals and is just with you on this spiritual journey.

Rules for Qasar for Minors or Children: After performing Saiee, it’s time to perform Qasar. Both the Guardian and the child have to go through this process. After both of them finished the halq process, they were no longer in the state of Ihram and could do other things.

No Penalty or Daam for Minors: If an adult or guardian does something wrong or goes against the state of ihram, he has to pay the plenty, which is called the Daam. If a child or a minor has done something wrong, there is no plenty for the child.

Umrah is not required, but if someone wants to do it, they should do it in the same way that the obligation was meant to be done. We should use December umrah packages 2023 with Baitullah Travel to bring our families and children with us on this spiritual journey. Bringing our family and children on this tour encourages them to join us in other activities that bring us closer to Allah’s blessing….


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