Park your car in a public parking garage can be difficult for a new driver. Sometimes, parking spaces are very small, with wide beams, blind corners, and narrow park spaces. Also, overcrowding makes parking difficult. To avoid this, follow these seven tips to save yourself from scratching your car or worse, whether parking in a mall, in an apartment, outside a hospital or hotel, etc. These effective guidelines can also help tourists visiting places like Dubrovnik, Croatia, where public garage parking is encouraged due to the sometimes-congested streets. So, let’s know these seven points.  

1. Safety is Essential

The first thing you’ll do when driving in a parking garage is “safety.” You don’t have to worry about not getting a “good” parking spot in a crowded garage.

What’s more important to you? The point is to be safe. Be careful while driving around the garage; any car can pull out of the parking lot unexpectedly. Drive your car slowly and sound your horn. Be ready to honk. Be ready to brake when you see another car. Also, be careful when driving around blind corners in a garage because you won’t know if another car is coming your way.

2. Distance Driver

The distance between you and the approaching car should be slightly further whenever you turn. But be aware that some drivers don’t follow the signs in garages. Their car may be drifting into their lane, especially if there are no solid lines they can use as a guide. Remember to drive slowly, watch for others, and don’t rush to find a parking space. As the saying goes, “Patience is a virtue.”

3. Be Aware of Beams and Pillars

Large pillars or beams are common in garages. These beams might be cylinder-shaped, square-shaped, or round-shaped. Be sure to give adequate space when turning for your car’s side to pass between the wall or beam without scraping it. Exercise caution to be sure of this. If there is space, park your vehicle next to a wall, beam, or vehicle to prevent it from being dented, scratched, or damaged.

4. Wear Sun Glasses to See Clearly 

Wear your prescription glasses if you have them to see the garage’s directional and other signs. Moreover, keep an eye out for any pedestrians who might unintentionally cross in front of your vehicle. If you are driving in a parking garage with an open top level, sunglasses are inappropriate while inside. If you wear sunglasses in a garage, in this case, if it’s a sunny day, it will reduce the sun’s glare, allowing you to see your surroundings better.

5. Choose the Best Parking Space

The ideal park spot in a public garage is adjacent to a wall and has no other cars parked there. Yet, if the garage is packed, there are instances when you are forced to park somewhere. In this case, carefully park your automobile in the available space to prevent harm to your or another person’s vehicle. ‏Many car valet companies provide car valet parking services for their customers. 

6. Place Your Vehicle Toward a Wall

Suppose you can park next to a wall in the parking garage to reduce the likelihood that your automobile will be dented or scratched. Your driver’s side risks getting dinged if you like to back into a parking space with the passenger side up against the wall. Leave enough space between your car and any vehicles that may park or are currently parked next to yours, and park as close to the wall as you can without touching it to prevent this from happening.

7. Park between the solid lines

You do not park on solid parking space lines. Also, don’t take up two park spaces with your car. To ensure your car won’t be keyed or scratched by an angry driver, always park your car between solid lines.

8. Parking Garage

Make careful you don’t get lost in this jungle of automobiles. Take note of the parking space’s letter, number, or color, as well as the level of the parking garage where your vehicle is located. Snap images of the site using your phone or make a note of it and keep it with you. Most parking garages are color-coded and alphabetized to help drivers remember where they parked their vehicles.

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