Many of us want to learn to drive cars , but fear possesses them as soon as they sit on the chair and start thinking about this matter, but driving must be through practice and leaving fear and anxiety aside and learning some basic things that are useful in this field, so you will In this article, we learn how to drive an automatic car for the first time for beginners teens an adults. Follow us.

How to get settle in automatic car

Some people may find it difficult to drive this type of car because the automatic is easier to drive with automatic driving lessons, but all you need is to take a driving license by learning on this car and possessing the art of dealing on the road in general, skill and professionalism with time, and circumstances may make you forced to Using this type of car, therefore, it is necessary to learn about it first.

Basic steps to drive a normal gear car

It is necessary to make sure that the transmission is in Moore mode, that is, it is not at any of the speeds of this car while driving, automatic driving lesson in Birmingham.
The engine is started and at the same time the person presses the pedal with the left foot while moving the transmission to the first position and continuing to press the pedal.

The accelerator pedal

The accelerator pedal is gradually pressed and the foot is lifted off the clutch gradually, and you must have skill and lightness while doing so, so that there is a balance between each of the two pedals.

The speed of the car

The speed of the car is changed through the use of the transmission and its transmission to the second and then the third gear gradually, and when the speed is excessive, the clutch pedal and the gas pedal are switched quickly and lightly.

Maintain rules

It is necessary to know the requirements of the road such as light signals and bumps, and how to deal with the cars next to you, and take into account that there is a balance between speed, reverse engine and the brake pedal.

The car engine is put on the “moor” position at the end, the foot is removed from the clutch pedal, the hand brake is lifted, and then the engine is turned off.
Second: How to drive an automatic car
Driving an automatic car is much easier than the one we mentioned at the beginning, but it needs more observation and focus.

Automatic gear boxes

The right foot is used only on the accelerator or brake pedal.
You must know the automatic gear boxes and their symbols, and you can identify them during the issuance of the license.
The D column is selected in order to move the car forward and slow down by pressing the brakes.

How to drive a car for beginners Many people wonder, especially those who buy a new car but do not have any experience in driving cars, especially girls, as the car requires great concentration and muscular effort, especially when that car has a normal gear, but we present to you today in Brief points of some theoretical steps that help learn to drive a car for beginners.

How to drive a car for beginners

Dear reader, you must do the training at the hands of a specialist, whether they are some relatives or friends, or go to some centers specialized in driving the car in order to help you drive more than one car and actually train on it, as the trainer gives you intensive lessons and makes you train practically until you master Leadership.

But we present to you some theoretical steps, as training must be done on a car with a regular gear, even if a car with an automatic gear is purchased, because that makes you more experienced.

Make yourself comfortable

And you can drive any other car with ease, as the gear or gear as it is called consists of five or six speeds that are controlled by the level and speed of the car.

Next to the pedal, where the clutch exchange takes place, and it is the first pedal on the left side, where it is pressed slowly until the leader feels that he has reached his end.

Then he raises the foot a little and then waits for it to fill up again, and so on, next to the second pedal or in the middle is the brake that controls stopping the car, that is, it is pressed when confronting something or someone suddenly appears.

As for the third pedal, which is located on the right, the one that controls the percentage of gasoline, and of course it is pressed, but in a simple way, according to the speed of the car.

The steering

Of course, the steering wheel is relied upon to control the car’s path, so it turns right or left depending on the road, and to start the car, the steering key is placed in the place designated for it until the sound of the engine is heard.

Then the gear or gear shift is moved, then the gas pedal and clutch are pressed until you find that the car has already started moving forward, and so you can drive it freely, but taking into account the signals, the speed of the car, and the speed bumps
How to focus on driving a car for beginners .

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