Flowers are beautiful and they are fascinating. However, sometimes they don’t look as beautiful or interesting as they are in reality. We often think that flowers are just little leaves that make us happy.

But they are actually much more than what we think. Many people like to grow different kinds of plants in their gardens. Some people enjoy growing annuals which flower once and then die; others like to grow perennials, which flower every year.

Others like to grow vegetables in their gardens. Most of the time, people buy flowers from the florist or supermarket, and when they have cut the stems, they throw them away. But if you Begonia Seeds think about it, it’s not that necessary to throw away these beautiful plants, because you can just compost them.

They are easy to grow, and they have the potential to bloom again and again. However, you should know the differences between male and female flowers, since they are different in many ways. The difference is so obvious that you can actually count them with your eyes. Female flowers are called hermaphrodites, whereas males are called stamens. There are only two stamens in a hermaphrodite flower.

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