Muslims from all over the world come to Saudi Arabia to do Hajj, which is an important part of Islam that everyone must do. Hajj is the fifth part or pillar of Islam, but Muslims who can’t do it don’t have to (physically and financially).

Every Muslim wants to do it no matter what, because one of the benefits of Hajj is going to Jannah, which is everyone’s dream.

It used to be hard for everyone to do Hajj, but now it is easy for anyone to do. In the past, it was very hard to travel. Travel used to be done by animals and ships, but now it’s done by planes, cars, buses, etc., so it’s a little bit more expensive.

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There are some facts about the Hajj that are talked about here.

Hajj lasts for five days in the last month (Dhul Hijjah) of the Islamic lunar calendar, from the eighth to the twelfth day.

1st day of Hajj:

On the first day of Hajj, Muslims put on their Ihrams and then do Tawaf and Saee.
In the Tawaf, Muslims walk around the Kaaba seven times, each time touching or kissing the Hajre Aswad, which is built into the wall of the Kaaba. Each time, they walk in a anticlockwise direction. After each circle, Muslims pray two rakat in front of Maqame Ibrahim. Because there are so many pilgrims during Hajj, this can be done in any mosque.

Muslims run seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwa in the Saee.
After the two rituals, Muslims go to Mina, where they stay in tents for the rest of the day. This is why Mina is also called the City of Tents. Men and women stay in different tents when they are Muslims.

2nd day of Hajj:

On the second day of Hajj, Muslims leave Mina after sunrise and go to the field of Arafat. There, they ask Allah to forgive them and make other requests. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) gave his last sermon from the top of Mount Arafat. Muslims say the prayers zuhar and asar here. After sunset, they leave this place and go to the field of Muzdalfah, where they pray and sleep for the night. There, they pick up the small stones.

3rd Day of Hajj:

Muslims leave the Muzdalifah field before sunrise on the third day of Hajj and head back to Mina for the Ramy ceremony. In this ceremony, they throw stones at pillars. There are three pillars, which is a symbol of Satan (devil). Jamrat al-Aqaba is the largest pillar, Jamrat al-Wusta is the middle pillar, and Jamrat al-Sughra is the smallest pillar (small pillar). Hazrat Ibrahim is linked to the story of throwing stones (AS). Muslims sacrifice an animal after the Ramadan ceremony. This day is also called Eid al-Adha.

Muslims do the Halq/Taqseer after scarifying an animal. This is a big part of the Hajj. The act of cutting all of a man’s hair off is called Halq. The act of cutting the ends of women’s hair is called Taqseer.

After doing Halq or Taqseer, they go to Makkah for tawaf, which is called Tawaf al-Ifadah. After that, they go back to Mina and spend the night there.

4th day of Hajj:

On the fourth day of Hajj, pilgrims throw seven pebbles at each of Mina’s three pillars.

5th day of Hajj.

On the fifth day of Hajj, people continue to stone themselves in the same way. Pilgrims can leave the Mina before sunset, but if they don’t, they have to be stoned again and have to leave the Mina before sunset.

Muslims do a farewell Tawaf before leaving Makkah as the last part of Hajj. This is called Tawaf al-Wadaa.

Muslims visit the different ziyarah places after they have done Hajj. Some are in Makkah, and some are in Madina. Umrah is a Sunnah, but Hajj is a requirement. Muslims do the Tawaf and Saee as part of the Umrah. Muslims who don’t go on Hajj for any reason should go on Umrah.

Muslims can also visit all the Ziyarah places during the Umrah with the help of a travel agency. It’s a good chance for all Muslims because many travel companies offer Umrah Packages 2023 at a price that everyone can afford.

May Allah make it possible for us to do Hajj and Umrah at least once in our lives.


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