Thinking of buying a new plant for the place, I’m still confused, which plant to pick and why? Then, the solution to your confusion is here! The best plant to start with is the” rubber plant”. You can easily buy it from the nearest plant nursery. Before buying, firstly read some of the important tips about which you must be aware such as the ideal conditions, uses, and caring tips.

Conditions for planting the Rubber Plant

  • Temperature-  The rubber plant usually needs daylight and grows quite better in warm conditions than the normal temperature. The day and night ideal temperature of this generally varies by 10 °F only. i.e, 60-65°F at night whereas 75-80°F a day.So, these temperature specifications must be kept in mind while planting the rubber plant.
  • Soil- The soil required is different for the cultivation of different plants. The proper soil mixture is essential for the proper growth of plants. Rubber plants are usually harvested or grown in loamy soil, plus in sloping areas with proper drainage facilities. This point must be well followed while planting.
  • Harvesting time-  It’s essential to know the best time for the harvesting of any plant as it helps in the proper growth and nourishment. The ideal change usually occurs in the months of summer and spring. This plant needs more water and sunlight. This point must be kept in mind while harvesting in advance so that proper growth must occur.
  • Propagation – If the plant is propagated at the right time then only the propagation can be successful otherwise may lead to disappointing results. The rubber plant is usually propagated in early spring or the end of the summer month. Otherwise, proper growth and recovery can’t happen or be done in winter. Willing to buy then firstly go through the propagation tips for great results.

These are some of the conditions that are required for growth, plantation, or harvesting. So, have a read on these points for a better idea.

Care Tips for rubber plant

  • Avoid OverWatering- The plant should be usually watered after the soil is dry out otherwise may result in causing the leaves to shed out and turn yellow.
  • Organic Fertilizer-  Monthly fertilizer is something essential for every plant. So, feed your plant with organic fertilizer monthly to have growth, branching, and  recovery.
  • Proper Sunlight- The rubber plant usually doesn’t require specific light conditions. Still, try to avoid keeping in direct sunlight for a longer time. If, happened by chance then water it a little more. That’s all – no need to worry more!
  • Humidity –  Just like sunlight, humidity also doesn’t have any ideal requirement, only avoid keeping in direct contact with the air conditioner pathway.

These are some of the tips you must pay a little more attention to! That’s all.

Uses of the Rubber plant

Rubber plants are used for making gloves, tires for vehicles, clothes, footwear, and so on. The rubber is produced by using the milky liquid of the tree which is extracted by various methods.

Problems encountered with Rubber Plant

  • Leaves turn Yellow –  The leaves turn because of the over-watering of the plants. Due to this, the roots get rotted, so just be easy on watering and give it only when the soil gets dry.
  • Leaves color faded-  The common reason behind this problem is usually, the plant may get a little less light. So, shift to the area where it receives more sunlight.
  • Irritation on the skin- Always prefers to wear gloves while gardening. Sometimes, your favorite plant gardening results in itching on your skin.

These are some of the points you must be aware of before buying your favorite plant. Sunlight, temperature, soil mixture, and fertilizer are the major keywords that play a really important role in any plant growth. Therefore, if you want to buy a rubber plant, then search ”plant nursery near meon google. It’ll easily allow you to find the nearest one.

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