Some people believe that brushing their area rugs frequently is enough to keep them in good condition, however.

This isn’t enough to get rid of the dirt, dust, and other debris that accumulates on the area rug. 

Carpet detailing services in hong kong remove the surface layer of accumulation, but it’s not enough to penetrate the deeper layers of dirt, dust, and allergens. 

Many people try to clean their area rugs on their own by using do-it-yourself cleaning products however, this approach usually causes permanent harm to the rug. 

Making use of the wrong cleaning solution for your rug or rubbing the fibers too hard can cause irreparable damage to the rug.

Rug cleaning professionals are the only method to get to the deeper layers of your rug and leave your home feeling fresh and fresh.

They are an indication that you need to get cleaning your carpet. 


Our experts can get rid of them and have your rug looking brand new within a matter of minutes. Damage from water is another reason to clean your area rug promptly.

Benefits of an Area Rug Valet Service

The task in your home Our valet service at Bowden’s Carpet Cleaning offers the perfect solution.

All you need to do is organize the pickup and return.

Why You Should Choose Bowden’s for Your Hong kong  Carpet Cleaning Needs

With an A+ grade by the Better Business Bureau and excellent reviews on Angie’s List. Rotovac scrub cleaning, and deodorization on the truck.

2. Empty the Vacuum Bag When It’s Already Half-full

Experts recommend cleaning the dust bag once it’s half-full. 

A carpet cleaner with an empty dust bag is not as efficient when the bag is full, so be sure to empty the bag off when it’s around half full.

Make up your carpet cleaning system when you take dirt off your carpet.

3. Vacuum Slowly and Surely

It’s tempting to wash your carpet as quickly as you can, however.

It’s important to take the time to vacuum slowly and attentively to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Focusing on one spot at a time won’t make your carpets clean and it’s best to take your time when. If you’re using baking soda, or any other type of dry cleaner making sure you take time when vacuuming.

Will ensure that you eliminate the residues that remain in the carpet.

A slower rate of vacuuming will allow your vacuum to get rid of more dirt and dust.

It’s okay if the carpet’s fibers seem to stick out and appear dirty. This is a sign of your vacuum-up dirt that has accumulated between the fibers that make up your carpet.

4. Vacuum Everything Once Again

Once you’ve vacuumed your carpet, ensure that you thoroughly vacuum it further. Although it may sound exhausting it is when you vacuum your carpet for the final time.

The vacuum brushes the fibers of your carpet and restores its appearance and style.

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