We know this fact, many things become forbidden for Muslims who enter the state of Ihram for Hajj and Umrah. If a pilgrim does these prohibited things, he violates the rules and regulations of the sacred state of Ihram. In this scenario, study the following topic for more information: “What are the violations of Ihram?” This article will support you as you explore the authentic facts about this question.

A Muslim must enter the pious state of Ihram to perform either the minor pilgrimage (Umrah) or the major pilgrimage (Hajj). A pilgrim must enter this state by performing the proper purification procedures and wearing the required attire before crossing the Miqat.

According to Sharia, pilgrims cannot perform some activities while they are in Ihram. These include applying perfume, clipping nails, hunting, etc. These things are violations of Ihram. These are the rules of Hajj and Umrah and you have to know them before booking your Umrah and Hajj Packages.

Violations of Ihram

After making the intention for Ihram, pilgrims can’t perform the following activities:

  • Applying Perfume

It is not permissible for pilgrims to apply, eat or smell perfume while they are in Ihram. Because perfumes contain some liquid mixture, use for a pleasant odour. Additionally, should avoid wearing aromatic clothing.

  • Covering the face

A woman is not permitted to wear a veil or anything similar to it to cover her face while in Ihram. She shouldn’t wear a mask or any other type of cover on her face or any portion of it as a matter of safety.

  • Covering the head

In the sacred state of Ihram, it is not permissible for a male pilgrim to cover his head or any portion of it with a shawl, shirt, etc. However, he must, as a matter of precaution, not do so by carrying dirt, grass, or anything else on his head.

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  • Hunting

A man who wears Ihram clothing can eat fish and other seafood. However, he cannot hunt, kill, or slaughter on Haram territory. Islamic law forbids the destruction of an animal’s laid egg. It is also forbidden to buy or sell these animals in the state of Ihram.

  • Killing lice or locusts

Pilgrims should avoid intentionally throwing lice on their bodies or to remove them, while in Ihram. However, moving them from one place to another is not a problem.

  • Wearing stitched clothing

It is impermissible for a male pilgrim to wear stitched or tailored clothing that fits the shape of the body. For example, wearing shirts, underwear, trousers, and pants. However, ladies can wear any type of clothing in the state of Ihram. This attire must be long and loose-fitting and must cover the entire body.

  • Clipping nails

A pilgrim cannot cut any of his nails while in the state of Ihram unless doing so causes him discomfort. For example, it is acceptable to cut a nail if a portion of it gets blunt and the entire nail hurts.

  • Removing hair from the body

A pilgrim is not permitted to shave or remove even a single hair from his body, while he is in the state of Ihram.

  • Quarrelling

It is impermissible for a pilgrim in Ihram to quarrel with anyone. Pilgrims should control themselves from quarrelling as they come to God’s house to perform religious activities.

  • Having intercourse

It is not permissible to engage in sexual activity during the Ihram Umrah Tamattu, or Umrah Mufradah. Umrah is not void if a pilgrim voluntarily engages in sexual activity with his wife after performing Sa’i during Umrah Tamattu. However, he must pay a mandatory fine, which must be a camel or a cow as a penalty.


In conclusion, Ihram is one of the most important Hajj and Umrah rites. It’s the first requirement for a pilgrim to perform the holy pilgrimage to Mecca.

Furthermore, in the state of Ihram, pilgrims cannot perform several tasks. These tasks are also called violations of Ihram. Make sure to keep two sets of Ihram in your luggage to avoid the hassle of washing. After you have completed your Umrah packages 2023 through an authentic agency, you should be familiar with the fundamentals of your pilgrimage. Now, enjoy your journey to Makkah. This Holy pilgrimage will cleanse you from past sins.

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