Still don’t know where to eat in Cancun? Well Cancun has two zones: The hotel zone which is the place to enjoy incredible and delicious food and the downtown area, where local food is at its best. Get ready to know the best restaurants in Cancun.

Something very curious, is that in the downtown and hotel zone you can find everything from elegant restaurants to humble places to eat.

Do you want to know them? Well, right now I’ll tell you some of them here in this post and of course, we also invite you to read about: List of hotels in Cancun Hotel Zone.

Restaurants in Cancun

In our following list you will find a variety of restaurants in Cancun. From where to eat steaks to where to eat the best seafood in the city and of course, the best places to eat in the hotel zone. Let’s get started!

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El Timon Cancun –

The dishes you will find in this restaurant are based on Caribbean and Yucatan Peninsula cuisine. There you will savor delicious octopus, crabs, shrimp, squid, lobsters and other seafood.

In addition, the establishment offers Mexican recipes, soups and vegan alternatives for dinner and breakfast.

EL TIMÓN DE CANCÚN - Menú, Precios y Restaurante Opiniones - Tripadvisor

Crab House

This place is considered an exclusive seafood restaurant with a romantic terrace that offers wonderful views of the Nichupté Lagoon. Its specialties are prawns and crabs, where Cangrejo Moro and Cangrejo Alaska are the most requested dishes.

This restaurant has private rooms for meetings and a chapel for weddings. If you wish to experience a romantic dinner we invite you to taste a five-star meal which is prepared by the restaurant’s chef, while you are on board an exclusive luxury yacht, cruising the waters of the Nichupté lagoon.

Crab House Cancun - foto de Crab House Cancún - Tripadvisor

Porfirio’s Restaurant

Porfirio’s Restaurant Cancun, is a renowned restaurant located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, characterized by its creativity, passion and excellence.

Enjoy a place that praises the best of Mexico, the successful Mexican brand has developed a wide variety of dishes delighting your palate with a fusion of Mexican and contemporary cuisine, a wide variety of drinks and a great atmosphere.

The music, decoration and seasoning translate into a sensory experience that invites you to travel Mexico in a bite.

PORFIRIO'S CANCÚN - Menú, Precios y Restaurante Opiniones - Tripadvisor

El Rinconcito de Puebla

El Rinconcito de Puebla, a local Cancun restaurant, has earned its reputation. Great smoothies, exquisite tacos and a wonderful menu of the day attract local residents and visitors to this simple place. Plus, the prices are totally reasonable given the quality of the menu.

While all the dishes here are exceptional, the enchiladas are our favorite choice. Plus, the staff is attentive and helpful. Look for the bright blue building just past Palapas Park.

Coapeñitos Taqueria

Taqueria Coapeñitos is a downtown hot spot that specializes in very tasty tacos, and some even say they’re the best in town. The casual mid-range restaurant serves multiple tortilla creations, each sold separately so you can sample a wide selection all at once. The tacos al pastor are among the most highly recommended.

It’s a small, friendly place, where the staff enjoys chatting with the clientele. Local residents fill the place on weekends, dining very slowly while chatting over margaritas and cold beers. Arrive early to secure your spot.

Coapeñitos Taqueria

Fred’s House

If you enjoy going out to eat with your kids, you know that from time to time you may fall victim to the desperation or moodiness of the little ones. At Fred’s House, you can forget about this issue, thanks to the existence of Freddie’s Kids Club.

Try the best Mexican and Latin American seafood dishes with the peace of mind that, while your kids are having fun, you will enjoy like never before, tasting different flavors that you will love.

Fred's House

Nebrina Gin & Cuisine

Nebrina Gin & Cocina offers you two of life’s great pleasures in one place: distilled drinks and delicious food. This lively outdoor gastropub (a sort of taverns that also serve upscale dishes) is filled with local residents most nights, who come to sip premium spirits and devour quality Mexican cuisine with close friends. For something a little daring, try the tuna tartar (tuna tartare with avocado).

Most of the cocktail scene here revolves around gin, so it’s a must for any fan of the famous juniper berry-infused liquor. Some drink it straight up, though Nebrina’s signature margaritas are hard to beat. The place is a good walking distance from downtown, though it’s worth the affordable cab ride.

Nebrina Gin & Cuisine


This small list only shows you all the great gastronomic offer that Cancun has to offer. An incredible offer that you can not miss and of course, we hope you like this post and we promise that soon we will have more information about the Mexican Caribbean for you.

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