Are Online Tests Beneficial for the Mental Health of Students?

Students experience a great deal of anxiety while taking conventional examinations that are closely monitored, but online options come with their own set of challenges, according to Michael Priestley.

Mental health is becoming an increasingly important issue for universities. Throughout the higher education sector in the UK and worldwide, Covid has exacerbated many of the preexisting social, academic, and financial disparities and challenges to mental health. As a consequence, more students now than before the epidemic need assistance with their mental health.

Increasing student well-being and performance through assessment design requires striking a balance between practical, pedagogical, and policy-related proceedings. While the adaptability of online assessment, as well as the possibility of a home environment, can undoubtedly reduce stress, doing so requires a delicate act of balancing. To maximize the effectiveness of online evaluations from the point of view of the student, the following three main sources of friction need to be addressed.

Take Control of the Burden.

Many students feel overwhelmed by the procedure and substance of online instruction and evaluation. Cognitive overload, which has severe effects on both well-being and performance, results when the perceived demands of an appraised activity surpass one’s practical and mental resources. The expanded schedule of exams and the availability of resources have greatly raised the task demands for many students.

These Are Some Recommendations:

1. Make the Test Room Better

As was already said, students with a lot of anxiety could be given extra attention. Some of the students will be able to tell what will Some of the students, especially if they are not too young, will be able to tell what will With taking my online test for me an online exam, the student doesn’t have to travel to a test center. Instead, they can take the test from the comfort of their own homes. Exam takers can be helped a lot if they don’t have to travel as much or worry as much about getting to different places on time. Exam candidates can feel more at ease if they sit at a comfortable desk and chair at home while taking their test. They should also make sure that no family members or pets will come into the room and distract them.

2. A Quick Look at the Exam Provider and Senior Management

The exam provider should make sure that the people who are in charge of the online exam know how to help and reassure nervous candidates on the day of the exam. This will help the supervisors be ready for the situation and know what to do. They can also go the extra mile to make sure the candidate is as comfortable as possible. At TestReach, for example, our supervisors go through a lot of training to make sure they can help all test-takers professionally and helpfully. We can also adjust to the needs of individual learners with high anxiety.

3. Give Them More Time or Breaks

Students with a lot of stress can also be helped by giving them more time and breaks in between. Your online exam provider should be able to give students who need extra time on exams the option to do so. You can learn more about how to take an exam here.

4. Let the student bring someone along.

People say that some students get so scared during an exam that they can’t answer until a friend or family member talks to them and calms them down. This can be done if your online exam provider agrees to it ahead of time. All they have to do is tell the person in charge of the exam that the student is allowed to have one person with them. Having a familiar face there to calm them down can help a lot, but the candidate shouldn’t talk about the questions and answers with that person because they are there for moral support, not to help them with the test.


Online tests are the new normal, and examining organizations must assist pupils to adjust. Institutions may improve applicants’ psychological well-being while helping students access tests despite present constraints.

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