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Diabetes, hypertension, and glomerulonephritis are just a few of the illnesses and internal conditions that can cause. The kidneys to get harmed and lose their capacity to work effectively. But that does not imply that every kidney sufferer in India is eligible for a kidney transplant. These sufferers include those who:

  • A brief history of cancer
  • Any active infections in the lungs or elsewhere, including TB
  • A condition that is linked to lung, liver, or cardiac disease
  • Risky habits of living, such as smoking, drinking, and abusing drugs
  • Any further fatal illness

Who is a suitable candidate for a kidney transplant?

One of the greatest hospitals in the nation can safely perform the treatment on patients with end-stage renal disease. Who have been certified as candidates for a transplant there. Before they decide to travel to the nation. They may use Shinon Global’s free service to speak with a doctor virtually to see if they qualify for a renal transplant or not. They also receive a second opinion on their clinical situation from some of the top nephrologists in India, thanks to Shinon Global.

The kidney transplant surgeon will review the patient’s medical records and diagnostic test results. Before determining whether or not the patient is a candidate for a transplant. Shinon global supports renal patients with end-to-end travel and treatment preparation. As well as with online consultations from some of the top kidney transplant experts.

Who in India does the finest kidney transplants? Where are they located?

Any major hospital in India that specialises in organ transplants may provide transplant care. The nation’s top kidney transplant hospitals are dispersed around the nation. As a result, a person with end-stage renal illness has a lot of alternatives. When selecting the best hospital for a kidney transplant. Shinon Global can assist you in making the best decision by finding the finest physician and medical facility. Within your price range without sacrificing the standard of care or clinical results.

Direct flights connect these cities, including Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, to the rest of the globe.

Additionally, the intra-city transit infrastructure enables secure movement of patients and their companions across the city.

How can Shinon Global assist patients in locating India’s top kidney transplant hospitals?

Shinon Global collaborates directly with the best institutions in India for kidney transplants. Offers allure packages to people with renal illness travelling from outside. These packages frequently include lodging, transportation to and from the airport. Meals, and local travel costs in addition to the price of a kidney transplant in India. The perks included in the bundle, however, vary from hospital to hospital. Shinon Global works to provide its patients with the most possible advantages.

Medical tourists may get the greatest deal from any of the top facilities in India with the aid of Shinon Global. In addition, Shinon Global offers assistance to patients and their companions with everything. They may require prior to, during, or following their visit to the nation. Including assistance with visas, airport transfers. Appointment scheduling assistance, second opinions, and follow-up in their home country.

How much does a kidney transplant procedure cost in India?

Kidney Transplant Cost in India: The Biggest Advantage

Cost of a kidney transplant in India

India has among the greatest success rates worldwide and one of the lowest average costs for transplants globally. When it comes to patients with end-stage renal illness. This is India’s major edge over other countries that attract medical tourists.

According to estimates, a medical tourist who chooses India for a kidney transplant often saves at least half the money they would otherwise spend in any other nation. The cost of a kidney transplant in India is only 30 to 40% or even less than it is in Western nations like the US and UK.

Foreign medical tourists may believe that they will need to spend more money on logistics, such as local transportation, lodging, and food costs. The good news is that even after accounting for all of these ancillary costs, the patient is still able to save a significant sum of money.

India has far lower living expenses than other nations. Additionally, Shinon Global collaborates directly with the best facilities to offer full packages to prospective medical tourists that cover all of their costs.

The patient and their supporters may feel certain about the high caliber of medical care. They would receive by working with Shinon Global. In addition, they can concentrate on their experience without worrying about the rest. Such as their care or other details like transfers to and from the airport, hotel, and hospital. Problems with or extensions to their visas, plans for recovery and rehabilitation. Or accommodations for the accompanying people.

The method used to transplantation of organ will, however, affect the average cost of a kidney transplant in India.

The price of a laparoscopic transplant in India starts at USD13,500. The identical surgery, however, runs about USD $3,000,000 in the US. The cost of an open nephrectomy with a kidney transplant in India starts at USD 6,500. This is less than 5% of the $4,50,000 that the identical surgery would cost in the US.

What advantages do kidney transplants in India offer?

The Top Benefits in Brief

To put it briefly, medical tourists from other countries have several advantages. When they choose to travel to India for a kidney transplant. The following are some of the main advantages of choosing a kidney transplant in India:

Top kidney transplant surgeons are accessible

Some of the greatest surgeons in the world do kidney transplants in India. When it comes to the entire kidney transplant process, they have extensive training and expertise. Additionally, they have the most living donor kidney transplant experience in the entire globe.

Contemporary Hospitals

All patient types, including those in need of a kidney transplant. May receive cutting-edge care through Shinon Global’s tight network of some of the top facilities in India.

Greater Probability of Successful Surgery

The greatest kidney disease facilities are famous for continuously sustaining better success rates over many years.

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Major cost reductions

Compared to any other nation in the globe, medical tourists choose India for renal transplants because of its low cost. Which allows them to save thousands of dollars.

Supplemental Services

Medical travellers also enjoy a ton of additional complimentary perks by selecting India. As their kidney transplant location and Shinon Global as their medical tourism partner. For instance, some of the key services that a medical tourist might take advantage of include visa help. Lodging arrangements, easy money exchange, interpreters, and second opinions.

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