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It is a profile that is indispensable to achieve online sales goals and to continue to grow: the e-commerce manager. How do you actually recognize a good e-commerce manager? We researched it and give you the 7 must-have skills of an e-commerce manager.

Determining the skills of an e-commerce manager is not easy. In addition, the job description differs from company to company. It is not clearly described anywhere. This person is responsible for organizing and developing website marketing plans and managing a digital marketing team. Companies, he/she is responsible for all digital campaigns and partnerships. In addition, the e-commerce department often falls under marketing, as you can deduce from the above tasks. 

Nevertheless, we notice that these profiles, regardless of their specific role, have a lot in common. We examined what the skills of an e-commerce manager are ideally:

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Almost all the good e-commerce managers we spoke to have one thing in common: they all work hard to achieve more online sales. Being commercial is therefore an indispensable quality for this profile. Rightly so, because achieving online sales is usually important for the stakeholders of the web shop. By creating more turnover through this online channel, the stakeholders want to earn back their investments in the (long) term and help the entire company grow.


A thorough knowledge of  various online channels, IT and sales  is important. These skills help to determine the right strategy and to be able to adjust where necessary. You can gain knowledge through books, workshops and seminars. Experience also plays a major role  in order to have the necessary knowledge. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of implementation or channel must be known.

An e-commerce manager with a broad knowledge can make a project stand or fall. Usually you are not looking for a specialist in one area, but a  generalist  who knows something about all related domains and can thus manage your team and take appropriate actions.

3. Eager to learn

Interest in e-commerce: that’s what it’s all about. The passion must be there to learn everything about achieving the business goals: such as increasing online sales, and to discover the latest digital opportunities. In addition, there must also be the curiosity to try new things. 

Lifelong learning is a certainty in the world of e-commerce sales.


An e-commerce manager is the lead of a team of different talents . In addition, he/she has insight into which digital profiles are actually needed to get the work done. So that an e-commerce manager knows exactly what he is looking for in an SEA specialist  or a  copywriter . There is sufficient knowledge available to allow these talents to work together and to achieve the best results.


As befits a good leader, an e-commerce manager must help define the vision of the online activities and radiate it to the team and by extension the organization. An e-commerce manager is a visionary with a mission who knows how to execute a digital transformation. This person navigates the company, its e-commerce and team through the changing digital landscape.


A digital strategy is important to succeed in e-commerce. The online world can be very competitive. Some competitors go to great lengths by starting a price war, setting up advertisements with their own brand, spamming or even reporting your website to an authorized body after discovering (legal) errors.


A master of communication. Whether it’s about explaining the latest e-commerce results to stakeholders or telling a team which campaigns are good and bad; an e-commerce manager can explain everything crystal clear . Communication is also important to get all digital solutions as expected. This way he can talk smoothly with IT people, stakeholders and his online marketers in order to achieve the desired results.

Communication is always important. Clearly. Precisely. In the right context. Only in this way can any team work well. So also your e-commerce team.

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