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Fukushima’s nuclear reactor has been leaking radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. This is a major issue that needs to be address by the Japanese government. But, the Japanese government is handling this problem in the worst way possible. In this episode of “What’s Wrong With Japan?” Boat Parts from PartsVu explore why it is in the best interest of Japan to release this radioactive water.

Toshiro Muto is a professor at the University of Fukushima. He has been researching radioactive water for the past 20 years, believing that the only way to clean up Fukushima’s contaminated water is to release it directly into the ocean. He says it’s safer than storing and potentially leaking into the food chain.

Many people are concerned about the condition of the groundwater in Japan, and there is a campaign on social media to release the radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant into the ocean. A researcher from a university says releasing it would be the best option, but some other experts say it would be dangerous.

Now that Fukushima has been released into the ocean, what do you think about the best way to deal with its contaminated water?

If you think about it, we have had a lot of time to deal with the water from Fukushima. It has been almost ten years since the release of radiation into the ocean. We still don’t know all of its effects on humans and animals.

It is important to deal with the contaminated water to minimize the amount of radiation released into the ocean. This can be accomplish by using landfills or injection wells as a temporary solution until we have more information about how much radiation is being released into the ocean via these methods and what kind of impact it has on marine life.

Get as much of it off of the land as possible

The best way to deal with Fukushima’s contaminated water is to get it off the land as quickly as possible.

Fukushima is a massive amount of water, and getting it out of the Pacific Ocean would hugely impact the ecosystem there. But if we get it out of the ocean, we could help prevent further contamination.

We can’t really do that yet, but we’re working on it!

Clean the water as soon as possible

The water, soil, and air around the plant are all still radioactive. And if we don’t take action soon, those effects could cause us to lose our food supply.

The best way to deal with this problem is to clean up the water as soon as possible.

Let it be a sinkhole for radioactive waste and leave it there

In the past, we assumed that the ocean was a safe place to dispose of nuclear waste. However, recent reports have shown that this is not true. The amount of radiation in the ocean is still too high for human consumption as well as harmful to marine life. This means that even if we could safely dispose of our nuclear waste in landfills, we would still get exposed to very high radiation levels.

What can we do? There are many ways to deal with radioactive waste, but they could be better. The best way to deal with the contaminated water is to let it be a sinkhole for radioactive waste and leave it there.

This would help us avoid further contamination of our oceans and marine life. Give us a chance to see what happens as time goes on.

Another option would be to build a containment structure so that nothing leaks out and contaminates areas around it.

Pretreat the extracted liquid through chemical treatment and leave it there forever, either in a mountain somewhere or in large pure underground containment units

One more step would be pretreatment. This means that we extract all the radioactive materials from the water. Store them in a mountain or sizeable underground containment unit until a long time has passed. This method may not work for some reasons, such as if there are large amounts of radiation in the extracted liquid. Or if it is too dangerous for people or animals.

Another option is to use nuclear energy to generate electricity by heating water inside reactors. They turn into steam which powers turbines turning generators. This method is safer than storing radioactive liquids because it keeps them out of contact with humans and animals.

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