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Do you have any plans to buy or sell gold in 2023? If yes, it is the best year for you. As you may know, gold is an investment that plays a vital role in our Indian culture. We buy gold jewellery for weddings and other occasions. But to get the most out of your gold investment, you need to know the best time for selling gold jewellery. Knowing the gold jewellery price today helps you get more cash in return than you have spent on its purchase. Keep reading to discover why it is a good time to sell gold jewellery in 2023.

Gold as an Investment

Gold has been surging lately, getting close to an all-time high. Investors have the question – “is it a good time to invest in gold?” Like all their investments, they need to review the gold price.

Investors should know that recession fuels gold trading. This way, the country’s economy gets on the road to recovery.

Gold Jewellery – a safe-haven asset

You may have heard from your parents and grandparents that gold is such a valuable asset. Many investors still have some gold investments in their portfolios. In tough times when an individual struggles with their finances and has gold jewellery in possession, what’s better than that? As gold prices tend to go up, 2023 is the best year to sell gold.

That is why gold makes a good investment for those looking to protect their wealth. In uncertain times they can sell their gold and get more in return depending on the gold rate.

Gold is scarce, another reason investors see the gold purchase as a good investment. No matter the year or economic health, gold jewellery is always valuable. The demand for gold increases its price, which will benefit investors later when selling gold.

Gold Rate Fluctuations

Despite recent fluctuations in the gold market, purchasing gold jewellery remains a stable investment for most. People believe gold will continue to be a safe haven this year.

Gold rates are expected to rise in 2023 as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic. Higher gold rates are a treasury’s defensive mechanism during the recession, typically leading to higher prices. What’s better than a high gold jewellery price today while selling the same?

Where to Sell Gold?

Now that you know why gold is the best investment, it is time you know where to sell it. Selling gold is more complicated than it seems. You shouldn’t just go to any buyer and sell your gold because this might not get you the price of your gold as per the gold jewellery price today.

Before you sell your gold, do take care of the following –

1) Collect Invoice – A best legal jeweller always inquires about the invoice if you trade gold ornaments. Suppose you visit the same shop where you usually buy gold from. If there is any difference in the pureness, the retailer is not in a situation to say something because the particulars of that are written in the invoice.

2) What’s it worth? – You need to have better knowledge of the value of gold to be sold. So it is essential to ask for quotations from various shops. As there is no standard method to know the sold price, there can be some changes in the quotation acquired. Visit various gold buyers’ shops and collect at least three to four quotes to compare the worth of the ornaments and go with the maximum price possible for the price you are looking for.

3) Check For Purity Level – Before you sell gold, it’s essential to check for its purity. The Karat metre tells about the pureness of the gold. The worth of gold is built on the karat system, in which a 24-point scale represents the ratio of gold a piece of metal consists of.

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