Homes are where stories are created, and you tell these stories through your home decor. To keep your story interesting, from time to time you need a new chapter – a new look for your home. However, thinking about home interiors and a new look can sometimes be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, and that’s where we can give you a hand interior designs in PJ homes

We have curated five innovative ideas according to the latest industry trends – one for every room.

#1. Living room

The living room is where we spend most of our time, so the living room has to be functional and comfortable.

When it comes to designing the living room, numerous options are available. From them, we recommend the following:

a) Get a statement coffee table

Most people decorate their coffee tables with an assortment of stuff. You can either place a unique looking coffee table as the centrepiece or play around with a few smaller ones. Experiment with the table itself to make a statement.

interior designs in PJ homes
interior designs in PJ homes

b) Play around with throw pillows

Pillows and throws are a  great way of sprucing up your living room. If the overall colour tone of the room is basic colours such as beige and brown, you can experiment with colourful, printed pillows to make the mood more vibrant. On the other hand, if the room has bright colours, use basic coloured throw pillows to mellow the overall tone.

interior designs in PJ homes
interior designs in PJ homes
interior designs in PJ homes

You can also use theme-based pillow covers for bringing cheer during the festive season.

c) Hang a chair

This idea works well for the aesthetic as well as comfort. Hang a chair and see the feel and look of your living room transforming immediately.

interior designs in PJ homes

#2. Ideas for the bedroom

The bedroom has to be the cosiest room in the house. To lead a happy and productive life, we need to calm down, unwind, have a well-rested sleep, and wake up bright and fresh. Therefore, bedroom design requires special attention.

Here are three ideas to design your bedrooms in PJ, which will help you create a comfortable yet stylish look.

interior designs in PJ homes

a) Use relaxing colours

The bedroom is all about calming down – sleeping, reading a book, or listening to music. Hence, use calming colours. No, we are not talking about whites and beiges only. We mean blues and greens – colours derived from nature.

Here are a few ways you can get channel the calm and beauty of nature outdoors, indoors.

interior designs in PJ homes

b) Pay attention to the wall behind your bed

Much attention goes to the wall behind your bed immediately upon entering the room. Design this wall carefully. You can use simple wallpaper, install lighting, use lamps and mix and match. But pay attention to avoid overly bright colours that may stimulate you instead of relaxing you!

c) Hang a light over the bedside table

Having a lamp on the bedside table is so done! Hang a light over the bedside table instead, for a unique look.

interior designs in PJ homes
interior designs in PJ homes

#3. Kitchen Ideas

When it comes to the kitchen, a hundred things are possible. No matter the size and shape of your kitchen, you can implement tons of ideas and make it look unique.

Here are three ways to get you started:

interior designs in PJ homes

a) Seamless open kitchen

If you have an open kitchen visible from your living room, try to match the colour combination and décor with the living room. This will provide a smooth transition from your living room to the kitchen – interior designs in PJ homes making it look like one big room.

b) Play around with wooden texture

A great way to give your kitchen a classy look is to play around with wooden textures and materials. Using wood can give your kitchen a modern and classic look simultaneously.

Here are a few jaw-dropping ways to use wood textures in your kitchen.

interior designs in PJ homes
interior designs in PJ homes

c) Move away from whites and browns

Most kitchens you will see use whites and browns. Why not use some other colours instead? Try red, blue, green and any different colour you fancy. But do remember not to overdo it.

interior designs in PJ homes
interior designs in PJ homes

#4. Ideas for children’s room

The children’s room is probably the room that requires the most attention since it can significantly impact your child’s upbringing. And, of course, the room can create memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Here are three ideas that you can try:

a) Make ample use of natural materials

The importance of nature cannot be emphasized more, especially in a child’s upbringing. Use plant-based materials such as wood and rattan.

interior designs in PJ homes
interior designs in PJ homes

b) Create a cosy nook

Create a cosy corner for your child. Install an indoor swing, put a tent or create a play area for them.

Here are some easy ideas to create cozy reading nooks for kids.

interior designs in PJ homes

c) A statement designed wall

Enhance the fun with a statement designed wall. You and your child can install crafts here, paint it yourself… make it a fun space.

interior designs in PJ homes

#5. Ideas for the study/library

If you have a room or even a corner designated as the study or the library, we recommend keeping it simple. You can install a comfortable chair in a statement colour to bring the oomph factor. Use primary colours such as whites and beige to avoid getting distracted while reading interior designs in PJ homes

The study is a great place to use for work from home. In that case, ensure that the table is of the right height and you have a comfortable chair to avoid straining yourself during long hours of sitting and working.

interior designs in PJ homes
interior designs in PJ homes

Want some more innovative ideas? Are you looking to implement any of these?

Three A’s Interior Design and Décor are here for you. With more than two decades of experience, we consider ourselves experts in home interior designs, especially in PJ. We are fast, efficient, and, most importantly, customised to suit your budget!

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