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Getting a visa to visit New Zealand is a relatively easy process for citizens of Switzerland or Iceland, as long as they meet certain requirements. First, applicants must have a valid passport that is at least three months past their expected departure date from New Zealand. Second, they must present proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay. Finally, they must provide details such as flight reservations or a scheduled cruise or tour prior to applying. 

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Depending on the individual situation, applicants may choose between two Issuing visitor visa options: the Multiple Entry Visa and the Single Entry Visa. The Multiple Entry Visa allows citizens to visit New Zealand as often as they would like for up to nine months at any given time, whereas the Single Entry Visa is valid for three months and does not allow re-entry into New Zealand after the visa holder has left.

NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR SWISS CITIZENS and Icelandic citizens should allow at least 20 to 25 working days for processing and issue. They may also be asked to provide additional information or documents such as a medical certificate, financial documents, proof of residence, declaration of health, and/or a letter of invitation. Upon approval, the New Zealand visa is sent to the applicant electronically. When visiting New Zealand, Swiss and Icelandic travelers should remember to carry a passport containing a valid visa with them during the trip. Even if the visa is received electronically, a traveler must have the passport stamped upon arrival to New Zealand or risk fines.

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In addition, Swiss and Icelandic citizens should keep in mind that they must obtain permission from New Zealand officials prior to engaging in any activities outside of tourism, such as working, studying, or marriage. Furthermore, travelers should also be aware that if they leave New Zealand during their planned visit, they may not be allowed to re-enter using the same visa. Ultimately, a New Zealand visa process is relatively straightforward for Swiss and Icelandic citizens as long as applicants are prepared to provide the necessary paperwork and evidence of funds, as well as having the correct passport and a valid visa. Visiting New Zealand can be a stunning and memorable experience, so travelers from Switzerland and Iceland should be sure to follow the proper visa procedures before and after their visit.

Icelandic or Swiss citizens looking to experience the breathtaking landscapes, diverse culture, and vibrant cities of NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR ICELAND CITIZENS can do so with the right visa. Besides needing a passport valid for at least three months upon their return, travelers from these countries need to obtain a New Zealand visitor visa if they wish to stay longer than three months.

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The application process typically takes 25 days and entails filling out an online application form and providing the documents requested in the below list. Any documents added to the list should be included only in exceptional circumstances. 

Applications must be accompanied by the following:

• A valid passport, valid for three months after the expected return to Iceland or Switzerland

•       A current photograph

• bank statement or other evidence of funds to cover living costs for the duration of stay

•       Return tickets or e-ticket receipt

Additional documents which might be asked for include:

• A CV

• Proof of medical insurance

• Proof of onward travels

• Proof of accommodation

• Proof of education or employment

• Police clearance certificates

The cost of applying for a visa for Iceland or Swiss citizens includes the non-refundable application fee of NZ© $165 and a processing fee of NZ© $190. These fees can be paid online unless the applicant is paying through an immigration consultant. 

Along with the other paperwork detailed above, a written explanation as to why they are traveling is required. This should include the reason for the trip, the expected duration, where they plan to stay, and information on the people they plan to meet and how they will support themselves while they are there. If applicable, they should also provide evidence of ties and/or commitments to their home country that would ensure their return. New Zealand has a strict policy on granting visas and most requests are processed within 25 days. All applicants must meet the character requirements and not pose a risk to New Zealand’s security, public order, and public interest.


In order to be awarded a visa and remain in New Zealand for the duration of their stay, Icelandic or Swiss citizens are required to obey all New Zealand laws and regulations while they are there. This includes not working, studying, or engaging in business activities without authorization. Travelers to New Zealand should not exceed the dates on their visa, as remaining past the allowable period will result in a fine and potential deportation. Obtaining a New Zealand visa for Swiss or Icelandic citizens may not be an easy task, but with the right documentation and a detailed explanation of why they need to visit New Zealand for the duration of their stay, there is a strong chance of being awarded the visa.

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