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While designing or refurbishing their kitchens, homeowners are often curious about granite worktops prices. In terms of both durability and visual appeal, granite is an excellent choice for countertops. Apart from conventional indoor kitchens, this splendid natural stone is also widely used in bathrooms, patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, furniture tops, and so on. Across both online and offline stores, granite countertops are popularly available in a massive range of colours, patterns, slab/tile/module sizes, finishes, and prices.

However, you should know certain things for optimum utilisation of your money while purchasing granite. To avoid overspending and gain maximum value for money, understanding the factors that determine granite worktops pricing is necessary. Here are the top 5 determinants that homeowners should be aware of to purchase the best granite countertops at the right price:-

1. Size and Thickness of the Granite Worktop– Granite worktops prices are primarily determined by the dimensions. The thumb rule to work out the pricing is the length, width, and thickness of the slab. While the average thickness is 2-3 cm, some homeowners prefer thicker cuts for higher durability. On the other hand, thinner slabs might cost less but will incur additional expenses in the form of support brackets.

2. Granite Classification– The threefold classification of granite is based on the availability or rarity of the granite variant. Some colours and patterns of granite are widely available across most geographical zones. These cost less and are classified as grade 1. The next tier of grade 2 granite is mid-priced because the stone hues and veining are relatively less available. Finally, grade 3 granite is the most expensive and exotic version owing to its rare visual appeal and limitation to certain quarries only.

3. Slab, Tiles, or Modular Granite– While granite slabs remain the most popular choice, homeowners also have the comparatively cost-effective option of granite tiles. These tiles are manufactured using bits and remnants, but they cost much lower. Of course, this choice is a compromise in terms of visual appeal because slabs are largely seamless and superior-looking. As a mid-priced variant, modular granite is fairly larger than the tile but thinner than the slab. These mini-slabs are now gaining popularity amongst cost-sensitive buyers.

4. Origin– The simple question of where the granite is quarried has a major impact on its pricing. For instance, the stunning greenish-blue Mascalzone granite from Brazil is a top choice for luxury buyers. The cost of its quarrying, export, and shipping to the UK makes it one of the most expensive options for UK-based consumers. British brown granite and DeLank granite are sourced within the country. These are cost-friendly choices for homeowners who prioritise utility over luxury.

5. Installation Charges– To save costs, many homeowners opt for DIY installation instead of seeking professional assistance. However, the wrong installation might damage the stone with minimal scope for spot repairs. Expert installation might add to the cost, but it provides a much-required safety net. Getting in touch with a professional granite worktop supplier in your vicinity (or online) is the best way to get acquainted with various technicalities of installation, maintenance, and repairs. It also allows maximum scope for customization. In the long run, this will prove to be far more cost-effective than DIY attempts.


Sturdy, ergonomic, and ambient worktops are the hallmark of a well-designed kitchen worktop. Homeowners usually choose granite with high expectations to last for a lifetime. Having the right information about granite countertop pricing, installation, and maintenance is a necessary step in this direction. Unlike marble and quartzite, granite is a natural stone that is equally suitable for budget-conscious, mid-range buyers, and affluent homeowners. Based on the above factors, one can make the right choice as per their requirements and spending capacity.

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