custom metal stampings

Before we start offering you some professional tips for successful metal stamping, let us know what exactly this process is all about. It is mainly a process where the coiled or flat metal sheets are placed under the stamping press, transforming them into the shape you want. Most of the things we use daily are created through custom metal stampings. Parts of computers, utensils, jewellery, washing machine, and other medical equipment must undergo this process.

A couple of processes fall under stamping, including embossing, coining, blanking, bending, and flanging. The process is finished in just a single go, including several phases based on the needs. The work involves greater precision and is carried out efficiently only if you have the requisite skills.

Custom Metal Stampings – Effective Ways to Successful Stamping

The following are the potential tips to perform metal stamping in the best way:

1. Know Your Requirement

You need to know the proper requirement of the clients. While asking questions of any kind that comes up in your mind, which is linked to the different specifications required. You should start the process only when you clearly understand what you need. Additionally, you should know the product well before you start working on it.

Every product is different, so the tactics used for custom metal stampings vary. You should always deal with the task successfully whenever you understand how your product needs to deal with using the stamping process.

2. Picking the Stable Surface

Selecting a stable surface is very important when it comes to metal stamping. A surface that is not stable will make the sheet distort and move. Never place padding or a rubber block under the metal, as it will destroy the task. You might even pick to tape every sheet you want to ensure it does not move.

3. Creating a Blueprint

Before stamping on the offered product, start embossing them permanently, as it is recommended to use a pencil to draw the perfect guidelines. There are pencil marks that are removed later using a wet cloth.

4. Sufficient Practice

You need to enhance your skills just like the rest, and it involves a great deal of practice. The frequency at which you practice is highly efficient in what it should become. It is recommended to practice stamping on the waste metal sheets and understand how to adjust this tool for better outcomes properly.

In reality, you should start with this work earlier, while you should stamp a scrap piece of metal every time to keep the requirements in mind before you start working on the real product. In this way, you should understand how tough it is to need the stamp pressing process. Keep in mind that every stamp along with the product is different from the rest, and therefore make adjustments in the best way.

5. Know the Functional Designs

Practising better designs will result in the best-appearing jewellery and a happier body. In this way, you should hold the stamping hammer in the manner you are sitting at the table or bench; how you hold these metal stamps is what matters. If you struggle to attain a better impression, you should try moving your chair higher or even lower, as you would benefit from the standing position.

6. The Distinct Way to Hold the Stamping Tool

Lastly, holding this stamping tool in place properly is vital to create the stamp with greater precision. By getting it done, you need to gain the ideal results possible, and you will completely attain satisfaction with the work.

As we have taken hold of the metal stamping tools, it is better to hold them with a strong grip; however, you do not wish to hold them tightly. We want to hold them with your fingers and thumb and have them in a steady position. Always ensure that the fingers rest on the stamping base for exact precision.

You should steadily keep the stamp while placing it as it would never slip while using the hammer for binging during the binging process.


Suppose the process of custom metal stampings is new for you. In that case, it is best to follow these guidelines while achieving the best possible result when you start learning this business, as it is easier to practice and a skill you can master.

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