What Is Virtual Number and How It Helps Businesses To Establish a Local Presence for Their Customers?

virtual numbers

Technological advancements have made business communication quite cost effective and reliable. Virtual numbers are one of those alternatives that are being used by businesses to communicate seamlessly with their target audience. Due to its seamless connectivity and cost effectiveness, virtual numbers have acquired enough popularity across the globe.

These numbers offer numerous advantages and help businesses to strengthen their customer database. Virtual numbers are similar to the cloud number that works over the internet. These numbers are generally programmed to route all the incoming calls to one of the pre-decided telephone numbers opted by the client. Due to this very reason, the majority of the small-business owners are opting for a virtual number as it helps them maintain a professional and consistent image. 

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual phone number or DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is a telephone number which is not tied to any specific phone line, internet enabled device or location. Traditional phone numbers are designed to work over a single phone line that is physically connected from the phone company to your home or business. However, virtual numbers don’t require such a setup to function and offer businesses great control and flexibility by removing physical limitations associated with traditional phone lines. 

How Does Virtual Number Work ?

Virtual phone numbers are not tied to the fixed phone line or location however they are similar in work functionality with traditional phone numbers but there are more steps to process that go undetected. These numbers utilize VoiceOver internet protocol (VoIP) to receive incoming calls. The same technology is used by iMessage, WhatsApp, or Google Voice to make audio or video calls. 

What Are the Advantages of Virtual Numbers?

Business communication management is integral for the growth of any business. Virtual numbers allow us to create a strong bond with customers by offering around-the-clock services and seamless connectivity. 

There are several other advantages of using Virtual Numbers. Let’s explore them:

1. Cost Saving

A VoIP system can easily forward virtual numbers to other continents, minimizing long-distance charges. 

2. Time Saving

It is more efficient to route calls to the individual concerned directly.Moreover,if the customer’s agent only has one number, it’s easier for them to keep track of them.

3. Enhanced Client Satisfaction:

Customers can easily reach organizations whenever  they require assistance for their queries and issues.This  in return boost client’s satisfaction. 

4. Team Interaction

With the help of virtual numbers employees can easily interact  with team colleagues in various buildings, towns, or countries without facing any voice break and issues. 

5. Using Existing Technology

There is no such need to replace existing phone systems or invest in expensive new equipment due to VoIP’s direct dial-in capabilities in the telephone network.

Why Do Businesses Need Virtual Phone Numbers?

There are many reasons to switch your business to a VOIP phone system and there could be several ways in which virtual numbers can be used , but here are some of the listed  benefits provided by the virtual numbers for businesses.

1.  Helps Establish a Local Presence

Virtual numbers permits to assign multiple phone numbers to the business locally. A virtual number local to that region will help customers feel better about calling. If you are a business owner and want to assist pan India customers from one location in that case you can  buy a virtual number in India and resolve your customers’ queries in their preferred languages.  

2. Helps Establish Trust and Cuts Cost

Virtual numbers are generally cost effective and help businesses to build trust among  their users. 

3. Helps To Maintain  A Professionalism

The foremost thing any small business owner wants to do is to look professional. For this, virtual numbers allow any business to establish multiple phone numbers to different departments which in return adds  professional touch. Moreover, virtual numbers help you to design customer focused marketing strategies to gain the trust of your users.; 

 4. Offers Flexibility

Virtual numbers can be used anywhere in the world.  With virtual numbers businesses can make phone calls, assist customers for their queries, promote their services and products effectively with their target audience. 

5. Multiple Phone Numbers

Virtual phone systems allow you to assign more than one phone number to your IP phone at your office. This can save you a lot of money if you are in sales. Small scale businesses that don’t have enough resources and budget to run a dedicated call center to resolve customers’ queries can buy Indian virtual numbers and deal with customers’ queries efficiently. 

6. Other Benefits 

With the help of virtual numbers, businesses basically centralize their call management process which in return ensures  a secure, user-friendly and professional customer experience. 

Some of the prime benefits of getting virtual numbers for business are listed below: 

  • Calls can be easily managed by the agents  anywhere and anytime
  • Calls are forwarded  to the personal numbers of management
  • Provides Convenient missed calls, outbound calling and IVR solutions 
  • Easy to integrate your virtual number with different valuable services
  • Delivers easy voice recording option during the call 
  • Avoid  off-platform transactions due to number masking

To sum up, virtual numbers are extremely pivotal for businesses and contact centers. Any business can excel if there is effective communication. In addition, virtual numbers ensure customer assurance.

Therefore, virtual number providers in India are working hard to provide simple and affordable solutions to help businesses expand their client reach.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Number?

Virtual number, also referred to as direct dial-inward, is a service that transfers incoming calls via VoIP system to the pre-decided phone numbers. These numbers not only streamline business communication but also help them establish a trust bond with customers. 

How to Get  Virtual Phone Numbers in India ?

One can easily get virtual phone number by following these steps -;

Step 1- Decide on the area code or type of virtual phone number you want.

Step 2- Comparing pricing and purchasing the plan that fits your needs.

Step 3- Purchase your virtual phone number from a suitable virtual number provider

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