School Reviews and Ratings in Montgomery, AL

Online Grooming School is a unique video instruction course that teaches people how to groom pets professionally without having to visit a pet grooming school.

My Experience with Online Grooming School

I purchased the Online Grooming School program when I realized there were no pet grooming schools within a 100 mile radius of my home. School Reviews and Ratings in Birmingham, AL There was no way I could take the time out of my busy week to travel that far just to learn how to groom my own dogs (which is all I really wanted at the time). Not only that, but most pet grooming schools charge quite a bit of money, and I didn’t really think it would benefit me that much.

When I learned about Online Grooming School, I realized that this was a real alternative for me. I would be able to watch each video as much as I needed to develop the skills necessary to groom my pets, and I could do it from home and at my own pace.I was skeptical that I’d be able to develop the skills needed to be a professional from an online video course, but that didn’t bother me too much because initially I was just looking to save money.

It was only after I’d gone through the course, groomed my own dogs, and then groomed the dogs of my friends and neighbors for practice, that I realized how much I enjoyed pet grooming (and by then I was getting pretty good at it). The course gives you the opportunity to become professionally certified. This simply required doing some quizzes and tests and sending in 5 pictures of pets I’d groomed myself (I found it quite easy to get enough volunteers for this, because most people are only too happy to let you groom their pet for free).

I now run my own pet grooming business part time (I am able to work around my kids, which is fantastic as I don’t need to worry about school holidays, days when kids are off sick, or any form of child care).

Let’s see what makes Online Grooming School a great course for anyone interested in a pet grooming business (or even if they want to groom their own pets professionally, and save money). For starters, there is the price. School Reviews and Ratings in Montgomery, AL It costs a great deal less to become certified with this course than it would to become certified at a professional pet grooming school, and there’s also a 100% money back guarantee (so if you’re not happy with the course you can get all your money back, something you can’t do if you attend an offline dog grooming school).

Overall this is a great course for those who want the convenience of training from home. It’s probably not as easy to follow as it would be go actually attend a dog grooming school, but the videos do make it easy to see all the steps, and you can watch them as many times as you need.

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