One of the most important milestones of life is getting married. It is no surprise that every person has certain expectations of what their dream wedding would be like. Hosting the perfect set of festivities isn’t a cake walk but it is feasible with meticulous planning. When it comes to having a grand affair for your loved ones. This venue is one of the first things that worry you. Choosing the wedding banquet hall location for the nuptials affects not only the couple but also the guests attending them. A great Indian wedding is an amalgamation of sumptuous food, entertaining merriments, and most importantly, a beautifully decked-up venue. You can rest assured about all these factors by visiting the luxurious venues of Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort. 

Before you finalize any wedding banquet hall for the big day. here’s a handy checklist to go through to make the entire experience smoother:

The Budget

Making the right decision about the location for the wedding depends on the expenses you are ready to splurge on. Prioritize each category including the rent of the venue to the décor arrangements and other facilities. This will help you draw a clear picture of whether your vision is fitting within the budget. You have allotted for the wedding venue particularly. 

Wedding Theme

Whether it is an outdoor venue or an indoor one, the wedding theme holds prime significance. Your theme will change according to the venue you choose. Be it a beach wedding, an outdoor wedding on an open lawn, or a lavish one in a wedding banquet hall, placing the right décor elements according to the theme is a must. It is important to choose a venue that accommodates your choice of theme feasibly. Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, one of the splendid wedding venues in Greater Noida

The Location

The guests in attendance will make your wedding functions memorable, so it becomes mandatory to ensure that the venue’s location is accessible to the guests. Keep in the mind the nearest airport or railway station so that visitors from different cities/states do not have to spend extra time scouting for the place you’ve chosen for the wedding. Make sure there is ample parking space at the venue for those who are arriving by their own vehicle. Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa is the perfect wedding venue in Greater Noida even for NRIs as the upscale property is only 51 km away from the domestic airport and 57km from the international airport. 

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners can play the role of a saviour while listing out the wedding venues. Be crystal clear about your needs and expectations for all the festivities. Wedding planners usually come with ample experience in picking the apt elements needed to pull off a dreamy wedding. They will also keep you informed about the rents of wedding banquet halls. The comparisons can nudge you towards finally booking a wedding venue. 

Guest List Management

Before you invite your near and dear ones, get a fair idea of the venue’s capacity to host a wedding. Whether it is a wedding banquet hall or an open lawn setting, the number of people to host depends on the competence of the venue. This also includes the accommodation of each guest. Who is there to stay at the venue throughout all the celebratory days.

The venue should be able to fit in a set of extra guests. At the same time, make sure you do not book an oversized venue. For a limited guest list and end up paying more price than it’s worth. Why Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort is one of the best wedding venues in Greater Noida? because it caters to all guest list sizes. From small royal wedding banquet halls to a picturesque lakeside setup, you name it and the resort is here to please the invitees.  

Uncertainty Factor

As much as everyone hopes for a smooth wedding process, it is advisable to be prepared for uncertain events.  Sudden weather change like rain is one of the common fears that people face when it comes to outdoor wedding venue settings. In such cases, make sure that the location has an alternate option to move in the ceremony into an indoor setting. It is also crucial to have a medical facility at the venue or nearby. Make sure you have the nearest market or shops easily accessible to cater to unexpected requests from guests or vendors. 

If the wedding festivities are spread across multiple days. it is only fair to be considerate about keeping your guests engaged. Choose a wedding venue that will not accommodate your family and friends but also has entertaining factors in place. The guests will be only thrilled to have more than the wedding memories as they head home. You can also scout some tourist spots or popular places around the wedding venue to suggest that your guests explore during their free time. 

Lastly, make sure that the wedding venue has your own personal touch. From choosing flowers to personalized photo corners, a tailor-made venue close to your heart will always be memorable. The guests can also use various social media hashtag placards or other wedding props when at the venue for a cute picture session. 

Selecting the right wedding venue will be an easy task when these elements are well thought out. It is safe to say that picking a suitable venue is the first step toward making you a successful wedding host. If you are exploring wedding venues in Greater Noida, then we assure Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort can be the best option to strike all your checklist of a dreamy wedding. 

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