What Are the Medical Billing Issues, and How Can P3 Assist You?

Medical Billing Services Are Not Easy to Come By 

In the world of healthcare, medical billing is a contentious issue. Extortionate prices, hidden costs, and the payments that need to be made upfront can be a burden for the patient and the healthcare provider. Online healthcare platforms have transformed the world of medical billing services by introducing inefficient electronic medical billing. Dealing with paperwork has transformed into an electronic mode of dealing with medical billing issues. and to deal with manual errors and the inaccessibility of information. With the invention of electronic modes of medical billing services, irregular and inefficient billing has become a thing of the past. 

Below are a few issues with the Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services Issues 

Problems in medical billing have impacted badly on the patient experience. There are so many issues associated with manual medical billing services such as:

Incomplete Patient Information

Medical Billing Services start when the patient starts using healthcare services at the hospital. The front desk staff is in charge of gathering all patient data required for payment collection and medical billing. Details regarding the availability of health insurance, its scope, and demographic data must be accurate and up to date.

If the information is incorrect and incomplete it can cause reimbursement delays due to claim rejection and ineligibility problems. The staff needs to receive training so they can properly inquire about eligibility, which can cause payment delays. Only the right electronic medical billing services software can solve this issue. This software can also make the patient’s information efficient and correct.

Claims Management Manually 

For the administration process at hospitals, claims can be a long and tiring process. To deal with claim collection such as excellent data tools, smooth-flowing communication channels between the front and end staff as well as the excellent management system for this the hospitals must have a robust system.

An enormous amount of work goes into managing rejections. It’s a very time taking and long process which increases the administrative burden. Automation and the introduction of medical billing businesses can quickly fix this problem. Electronic medical billing companies allow providers to deal with reimbursements and denials easily.

Neglecting In Informing Patient About The Number of Dues

The practice needs to collect the full amount for the services availed by the patients. There’s an increase in the patient’s financial responsibility which has led to problems in payment claims. Among the patients, high deductible plans have become very common, which has shifted the payment collection responsibility to the consumer rather than the payer. Providers are often left waiting on payment from the patient for the month to end.

A system of accountability is required in this situation, and one can be created with the help of EMRs, software for electronic media billing services, and the lack of insurance coverage. Additionally, in order for patients to be able to pay on time without the insurance company serving as a middleman, bills must be sent along with treatment and made explicit so that they are easy for patients to understand.

How P3Care Resolves Your Medical Billing Issues?       

P3Care is a medical billing company with a well-integrated medical billing system that can easily resolve the above-mentioned issues. There is a number of solutions P3Care provides:

Medical Billing Experts 

P3Care House is a group of medical billing specialists who employ the most up-to-date equipment to provide accurate medical billing services. Additionally included is software for electronic medical billing, ensuring that all procedures are appropriately recorded and paid for. Because there are no insurance companies involved and you and the patient are in direct touch, the patient will never get a billing surprise.

Additionally, effective at handling denials and increasing revenue for you, our staff. It lessens your administrative workload by relieving you of management pressure. The services offered by P3Care are effective and clear, displaying transparent billing information right on your dashboards for your knowledge.


Our medical billing services system is transparent with costs being listed in full beforehand so, that patients do not have surprises for them in stores. We believe in complete transparency for the patient and the physicians.

Payment Accessibility and Detailed Records

An integrated EHR system from P3Care enables thorough record-keeping. When you have thorough and precise information, you can maintain an extensive record of every patient. Excellent software and technology can go a long way toward giving thorough records of patient-doctor interactions, the duration of the visit, and the location.

Additionally, integrated systems guarantee that patients are aware of their bills. Furthermore, by using the right software, payment accessibility is also made feasible. We provide several payment alternatives, including online and credit card payments, to help clients with their billing problems.

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