The cost of owning a business can be high, even for small businesses that operate out of their home. Rent, taxes, and other business expenses can eat up a great deal of your earnings. Even if you have sufficient funds from other sources, having to rent space or pay high fees can make it harder to run your business. Fortunately, there are also many benefits to owning a dumpster service instead of running your own garbage and recycling operation. 

Utilizing a commercial dumpster service allows you to focus on running your business instead of shoveling money into waste disposal fees. Here are some good reasons why you should invest in a dumpster serviceinstead of operating your own garbage and recycling operation:

Becoming an owner-operator of a garbage and recycling collection company typically costs hundreds of dollars per month.

By comparison, using a commercial dumpster service instead will cost much less up front but will require you to deal with the consequences later on when your costs rise as more waste is generated.

Dumpster Service For Small Businesses

As you may have gathered from the previous section, the biggest benefit of using a commercial dumpster service is that it is often much cheaper than owning your own.

Although most dumpster services will not divulge pricing information based on the quantity of trash you will haul, most will charge a fee per cubic yard of debris removed. This fee is usually put towards equipment and administrative expenses, but can vary depending on your location and how often you use the service.

In some areas, you may have to pay a fee each and every time you fill up the dumpster. This can be a costly proposition for both you and your customers, so it is important to understand how your particular city’s regulations dictate when and how often you can use the service.

Avoid Extra Costs

This is another significant advantage of using a commercial dumpster service over owning your own. Most dumpster services will charge a fee for every ton of trash or debris removed from your site, not just for the volume of trash you generate.

This fee is intended to cover expenses related to removing the debris, such as removing and bagging trash, moving waste to another location, and disposing of trash in a safe way.

This fee is meant to cover you, the debris removal contractor, and any other related expenses. Most will specify what that fee is, but most dumpster providers will not charge more than $40 per ton for debris removal.

Maintain Operational Control

Another big advantage of hiring a commercial dumpster service is that they will usually ensure that your site remains in full operation while you are away.

Most companies will require you to sign a contract stating that you will maintain operational control at all times.

Some dumpster services will also require a deposit before they will allow you to operate as a business. This deposit will usually cover administrative expenses such as employee training and necessary permits, but it should cover only what is necessary.

Keep in mind that if you hire a company to haul away your trash, they will typically have a different set of rules than you do. Make sure you understand how your chosen contractor works before hiring them for any project.

Remote Dumping

Last but not least, some dumpster services will allow you to dump your trash directly into the dumpster without having to go to a site directly. Some will even arrange for a forklift to pick up the trash from the site and take it to the dumpster.

Most dumpster companies will provide remote dumping services, so you can just email the debris and put it in the dumpster and forget about it.

If you want to keep an eye on the disposal and want to take additional steps to ensure the safety of the environment, some dumpster services will also arrange for green bin collection.

Long-Term Savings

One of the biggest benefits of using a commercial dumpster service is that they usually offer long-term savings. Most will provide you with a contract that will give you a set amount of money per month that you can put towards your rental fees.

Over time, the contract you sign will get you a better deal on your dumpster service costs. You will slowly start to save money by dropping rentals, cancelling services, and stretching out the contract. Keep in mind that when you lease a dumpster, you are actually buying a service. The longer you lease the dumpster, the more expensive it will be. This is true even if you do not end up using the dumpster for the full term.

Getting The Most Out Of A Dumpster Service

One of the biggest benefits of using a commercial dumpster service is that they are generally more reliable than renting a dumpster from a private landlord. Most public dumpsters will have a better record of holding containers than the private landlords you may have dealt with in the past.

Wrapping Up

A dumpster is just a big box with a lid. You can rent it for a day, a week, or even a month. The idea is to get debris out of your residential or commercial property and into a trash box. Most cities have regulations that regulate the types of waste allowed in these boxes, so check before you start throwing construction or household trash into the dumpster. Learn more>>>

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