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If you are looking to hire new staff, making sure that they are reliable and trustworthy can be a major concern. That’s why more businesses than ever before are turning to BS7858 vetting services as part of their recruitment process. BS7858 security vetting is the gold standard when it comes to verification checks for potential employees in increasingly demanding environments.

Moreover, with an extensive level of background checks being undertaken. BS7858 offers peace of mind for employers who need assurance that the individuals on their team have been thoroughly vetted by qualified professionals. In this blog post, we will explain the importance of contracting a professional accreditation service. BS7858 when hiring new members of your organization.

What is BS7858?

BS7858 is a British Standard for vetting and screening individuals performing security-related services. It takes a holistic approach to assess — both recruiters and the candidates — that are in the running for such jobs. The entire process goes beyond basic background checks. As it considers aspects like psychological evaluations, face-to-face interviews. More to ensure that the person hired has not only an impeccable background but also fits into the job requirements.

Moreover, this extensive approach offers employers assurance that their chosen individual is indeed qualified to fulfill their role. As a result, BS7858 presents one of the most comprehensive methods of vetting potential guards or staff available on the market today.

Importance of BS7858

Businesses need to ensure accurate and thorough background checks are carried out on their employees. BS7858 provides clear guidance on the methodology of conducting background checks and this enhances the overall quality of the recruitment process. By using a standard procedure that is outlined in BS7858, businesses can ensure they maintain their commitment to providing a safe environment for both staff and customers alike.

Hence, with comprehensive background checking in place, businesses can also be confident that any potential security threats are identified before an employee commences work enabling them to mitigate risks accordingly.

Following is a comprehensive outline highlighting the importance of BS7858:

  • BS7858 is the British Standard for the vetting of security staff.
  • The standard was first introduced in 1992 and has been revised several times since then, most recently in 2015.
  • The standard sets out the minimum requirements for the vetting of security staff, including identity checks, criminal record checks, and references from past employers.
  • The staff are considered to be low risk and are therefore less likely to pose a security threat to your premises or employees.
  • BS7858 vetted staff is also more likely to be reliable and trustworthy, as they will have undergone a thorough vetting process.
  • Hiring BS7858 staff can give you peace of mind that your premises and employees are safe and secure.
  • BS7858 vetted staff is also more likely to be insured, as they will have undergone a thorough vetting process.
  • Staff screening is an investment in your security and the safety of your premises and employees.

Benefits of Staff Vetting

Hiring BS7858-certified staff can be invaluable for businesses concerned with the security and protection of property. All staff has been thoroughly checked at the pre-employment stage with a valid government-issued identity, background checks, and consistent reference confirmation.

So, this peace of mind is essential to creating a safe working environment and worry-free culture, especially within sensitive and confidential areas such as financial services or healthcare. Furthermore, regular screening of employees against the Police National Computer database (PNC) should ensure that any suspicious or criminal activities become obvious sooner rather than later, safeguarding both customers and assets in due diligence.

Thus, ensuring that your staff holds the BS7858 certification can be an effective method to help secure your business, both internally and externally.

Required Training

To meet the BS7858 standard of security, staff must complete comprehensive training that covers every aspect of security operations. Training includes instruction on security tactics such as access control, personnel identification and management, premises protection, loss prevention, and response measures to potential threats.

Furthermore, staff must also be able to effectively use security technology, demonstrate trustworthy physical characteristics responsible for protecting confidential information, and show exemplary customer service and communication skills. Hence, training ensures consistency in security procedures across all sites and locations. So, companies know that extremely proficient staff is there to protect their buildings and personnel at the highest level.

Cost to hire BS7858-certified staff

Investing in BS7858-certified staff can be beneficial for a variety of companies. The upfront costs of hiring this certified personnel are dependent upon the organization’s hiring needs and can range from minimal to extensive. However, this investment is worth making, as accreditation ensures employees meet the highest standards for their industry. And receive the appropriate level of background screening.

Moreover, hiring such staff assures to follow all relevant rules and regulations, creating a more secure environment for both customers and employees alike. As well as limiting the risk of any disputes due to negligence or inappropriate behavior.

Ultimately, businesses seeking quality and reliable workers should look into investing in BS7858-certified professional services. If they desire an experienced team who have proven they will uphold rigorous standards following best practice guidelines.

Accreditations that businesses should be looking for

When considering security personnel or other staff members who regularly interact with customers and clients, businesses should do their due diligence. Researching additional accreditations could be beneficial to maintain a safe and secure environment. In certain industries or government regulations, there are certain certifications to properly serve the public.

Also, businesses should emphasize licenses or qualifications in relevant fields such as safety, customer service, and emergency response training. Finding staff members with the right credentials can help protect a business from potential legal issues. Other risks associated with improper certification are also mitigated. Ensuring all staff has up-to-date licensing and qualifications helps preserve expert care and respect for customers in an organized environment.


To sum it up, BS7858 security vetting is a process that uses various measures to assess an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness. This type of screening can give you the peace of mind that your business or event is in safe hands.

Considerably, hiring staff through screening has become a must for many businesses. The benefits of using this standard are vast and will protect your business from legal liabilities. Overall, it is a sound decision to maintain a proper screening for all new hires.

Hence, BS7858 staff screening ensures that your property, guests, and valuables are all protected against theft or harm. Are you looking for reliable and trustworthy security personnel?  Visit Smart workforce today to learn more about our BS7858 security vetting services.

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