These two software companies are most known for their project management products. Customers in every industry appreciate and rely on them. They give their customers peace of mind by ensuring them that their money is safe in their hands. Customers are also delighted with the company’s financial results. Especially when it comes from highly skilled software providers who deliver on their commitments. Both alternatives are logical and plausible. Their project management methodologies are really straightforward. Let us see if they are worthy of our applause. 

Wrike Software

Wrike Project Management is a cloud-based collaboration and project management platform that enables users to manage projects from start to end by giving them complete visibility and control over tasks. The end-to-end system manages projects from the original request through the tracking and reporting of results. Because of real-time work updates and personal dashboards, each team member will have a clear understanding of their job priorities. As tasks, files, and discussions are recovered from email threads and unshared spreadsheets and sent to a single workspace, teams can spend more time performing the job rather than looking for work updates and information. 

Wrike provides project managers and team leaders with an effective application for collecting and organizing project requirements, creating project plans, and visualizing timelines on a Gantt chart. Project plans can be quickly changed as work progresses, and all concerned teams will receive updates regarding work modifications. The custom report builder allows users to slice project data and deliver it to executives or teams. 

Couple key features of Wrike: 

  • Collaboration Tools. 
  • Reporting/Project Tracking. 
  • Capacity Management. 
  • Forecasting. 
  • Resource Scheduling. 
  • Utilization Reporting. 
  • Search/Filter. 

Wrike Demo and How to Ask for It?

Wrike’s website contains a form for requesting a demo. To book a demo, navigate to the “Why Wrike” tab on the main page menu and then click the “Book a Demo” button. Users must first complete out a form in order to contact Wrike. Their sales representative will then contact them to go over the features of the software. Wrike does provide a free software trial for users to gain a sense of the platform and its capabilities. 

Wrike Cost and How Much Is It?

For the bulk of its bundles, the price of the program is listed on Wrike’s official website. The Team edition of the software costs $9.80 per month per user. The cost of the Business edition per user is $24.80 per month. There is also an Enterprise version, however the customer must order it directly from the company. Wrike also has a free version of the program available. 

Wrike Reviews and How Do They Look?

There are numerous Wrike project management software reviews available on the internet. The reviewers strongly suggest new users to take advantage of the software’s capabilities. Wrike has a rating of 4.2\5 stars on based on 3,225 user reviews. Based on 1,826 user reviews, the software is rated 4.5/5 at 

Smartsheet Software

Smartsheet Project Management is a work execution and collaboration platform. It offers a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that allows teams to plan, track, and manage projects in real time. Smartsheet’s project management features include document and resource management, project reporting, task management, file sharing, and schedule tracking. Project plan information can be shared with members of the leadership team and key stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page. Activity log reports and customisable dashboards help to ensure continuous team participation on projects of all sizes and sorts, from software development to marketing strategy. 

Smartsheet’s automated workflow solutions, which are tailored to individual work preferences, can assist teams in standardizing a project process, increasing efficiency, and improving communication. Within the platform’s project management tools, data may be sorted using card, grid, Gantt chart, and calendar views. To improve overall visibility and work efficiency, teams can use a real-time dashboard to evaluate project status, manage resources, and assign tasks.  

Couple key features of Smartsheet: 

  • Financial Management. 
  • Task Management.   
  • Third Party Integrations.   
  • Employee Management.   
  • File Sharing.    
  • Remote Access/Control.   
  • Due Date Tracking.   

Smarsheets Demo and How to Request It?

To obtain a Smarsheet demo, the buyer must only follow a few simple steps. The client must first go to the company’s website and then click the “Watch a demo” option on the main page. The client must fill out a form before the process can begin. 

Smartsheets Pricing and How to Get the Best Deal?

Smartsheet’s automated workflow solutions can be tailored to individual work preferences and help teams standardize a project, increase efficiency, and improve communication. Data can be sorted within the platform’s project management tool using grid, Gantt chart and card views.The Business version costs $25 per user each month, payable annually (min 3 users).

Smartsheets Review and How Do They Stack Up?

Smartsheet has garnered positive internet reviews, with the majority of reviewers highly endorsing and recommending the software. Based on 8,798 user reviews, the app has a rating of 4.45 on

Major Cons of Each Software


  • The software has a steep learning curve. 
  • The software’s training is a bit hard. 
  • The software has hard integration process. 


  • The software has limited features.  
  • The software is overpriced and customers have to premium for more add-ons.  
  • The software is slow at exporting formats sometimes. 

Future Prospects of Each Software 

Each of these companies has worked hard to ensure its long-term viability. These firms frequently make big investments in a variety of disciplines. In addition, the number of facilities and customer service centers is growing. As a result, their client base and market share in project management are growing. Furthermore, These companies are also improving their software by adding new features and resources. As a result, their service offering has expanded. 


These solutions may provide a clear image of how to get the most out of these software’s features; the low-cost plans available for purchase are good, but it is up to the consumers. The user, on the other hand, should always select software that they enjoy using. Finally, They should not make decisions based on the actions of others. They should extensively study each software’s pricing, both qualitatively and analytically, before making a decision. 

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